Saturday, 30 January 2016

Personal Style: Burnt Out

Would you take a look at those bags. They my friends are a result of trying to move house over the weekend, working, trying to keep up with blogging amongst two over side projects AND changes to your job role. They're not great, note to self stop spreading yourself too thin, its starting to show.

I usually utilise my weekends by bulk taking photos for my blog in preparation for the upcoming week but as mention previously I moved house last weekend and well I was unable to sort anything out. I could of done a quick shoot in between doing all the DIY and heavy lifting but I literally had my joggers and an old band shirt on with not a scrap of make up on for the whole thing and well I didn’t think you’d really enjoy seeing that. 

I did however get the opportunity to quickly snap some pictures before the Neal's Yard Event I went to in Leeds Tuesday [post to follow] even if I did give up half way through because of the weather making it look like we’d gone wind machine crazy. As the weather is getting so so grim [like it freaking snowed today?!] i’ve been all about warmth and as many layers I can cope with without looking like Joey in that friends episode. And I just can’t bear the thought of leaving the house without at least one snuggly pullover/sweat shirt. I’ve quite the collection now as thats all i’ve seemed to be buying recently. I can’t wait to show you the star of my newly acquired collection. My lovely new UNIF jumper and wax lyrical about how much I love it. But thats for another post. We’re here to talk about the clothes featured in this here post ain’t we let me dive right in. 

I used to love beanies in the height of my emo days. I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without one, that or my hood up. [alright thug] I had the trademark sweep fringe that I was forever brushing out of my eyes and it just want better with them. Now I have my micro fringe, it can look daft with a beanie when it gets to a certain length. I think I got away with it just this time. With there being a full blown gail outside my widow I though it would be best to opt for my favourite Chalavail one to sort of keep my hair in some sort of check. Ark has had literally the best sale on EVER. Like crazy slashed prices so obviously I broke my spending ban quite spectacularly and i’m not even sorry. Should I film a haul? I’m going to film a haul. Who could say no to an extra 50% off the sale? This knitted jumper is one of the things I snagged for like £3.50 It’s lightweight yet fight off the chillz and is longer in length, another element i’ve been loving recently in pull overs. To break up the outfit a bit I added my denim vest to make this outfit more then just a jumper and leggings combo and a little more me ^_^ of course i’m wearing the Topshop leggings . . . . I can’t live without the Topshop leggings. I am investing in a new slightly different pair very very soon. . . .

What things have you guys been buying recently? How do you keep your outfits interesting? 

Beanie Chalavail | Jumper Ark | Vest Depop | Leggings Topshop | Bag Lamoda | Shoes Nike

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And because the weather seems to be liking messing up my blog pictures of late. STOP KILLING MY VIBE B*TCH


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Brand Crush: Bolongaro Trevor The Nightmare Before Christmas FashionEvent

You ready for a photo heavy post? Good, grab a cuppa the entire contents of your snack cupboard and lets get cracking. Blogging is weird. Never in my wildest dreams did I envision the opportunities I have had so far, and the super exciting proposals coming up. I have done things I would shy away from and hide. Its nice having people to reply to my words and thoughts on things. It makes me have all those warm and fuzzy feelz. So. This post is way way way overdue. I’m sorry. I’ve been waiting for the super quality snaps taken from the event and well its ended up well over a month late.

Anyhow. . . . let me take you back to December when I did that thing where I search the Leeds Bloggers hash tag to see if there are any events coming up I could somehow get myself invited to. I swear everything happens in Manchester never giving us Yorkshire bloggers a chance. We’re super nice ya know. After browsing the tag I saw an event coming up that week for Boloanrgo Trevor. At the time I had never heard of the store but I was already intrigued after seeing the event was named after one of my favourite films from when I was younger and rated high in my full on emo days. Doing a google search I found the site and basically needed to own all the clothes on the site. The pieces reminded me of Steam punk meets Vivienne Westwood meets the Victoria era. With a punk edge, my favourite element. I got to work trying to wrangle and invite and was stoked I’d be able to attend.

The day of the event I received an email from Laura who was putting on the event asking if I wanted to take part in the modelling side as one of the girls had fallen ill. I’ll tell you, my heart was in my throat and I nearly declined until one of my work colleagues push me and told me to grab this by the metaphorical balls. And Lord I’m so so glad I did.

Things I love about Bolongaro Trevor

1) They’re sassy in the sense they do them. Example they don’t fall into any sort of clothing high street brand exactly. They produce and put out what they like, and it works.

2) Their stuff isn’t mass produced. So you’re not going to go to the club in your new parachute dress fearing that some other lass may show up in the exact same thing. This aint Topshop dears.

3) Have you seen the stuff? It perfectly caters to the punk-eqsue elements I try [and sometimes fail] to channel in my outfits. Their staple pieces you’d invest in for your wardrobe and lovingly and happily wear over and over again like a non-convential uniform.  Well I would anyway. . . .

4) The team that runs the stores/brand. I have met them a couple of times now and man do they have character. They’re happy when the customers are happy.

On the night I was great by Laura at the who showed me pieces I was to wear [I had all the heart eye emojis for, in particle the parachute dress] then I whizzed of to hair and make up wish was an experience i’ve never had. Guys I get my hair cut like every 2 years and dye it myself so this was totally alien to me. I loved the massive hair and the creepy make up however  finding bobby pins 2 weeks after the event still in my hair and trying to tease out all the back combing not so much . . . . ;)  nerves were setting in but i’d downed way too many fizzy alcoholic things and it kind of hid the sheer feeling of fear I felt. Literally as soon as I stepped out of the store and started walking down the the cobbled arcade all was good and I had such.a.blast

I was so bummed I couldn’t stick around for the after party, bed was calling for an early night as I had work the next day. Before leaving I had a chat with Laura and lets just say be sure to keep your peepers peeled on this space of mine for whats in store this year. Without getting too gushy i’m literally so stoked with what Laura has done for me and I can’t wait to re-pay her the favour in the not too far off future.

Be sure to check out Boloangaro Trevor to get your mits on some punk items of your own and Laura at Marmalade Inspired.

Want to hit up a wicked fashion show for a good cause in Leeds? Simple follow This Link for the Leeds Rag Fashion show. Every ticket bought helps towards Leeds Mencap and the Refugee Council.

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