Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Brand Crush: 304# Clothing

These 10 days off  over the Christmas I was supposed to utilise and abuse for all the blog prep in the world. I have tried I promise, I had two failed blog shoots,  an awkward ‘what I got for Christmas’ Video and then I kinda got creative block. Something was telling me to just give up. I decided to have a break enjoy Christmas and pick up where I had left off. I don’t really want to churn out blog posts just for posting sake, I want to make sure what i’m posting I can be proud of and not  half arsed attempt that comes across forced just so i’ve put out some sort of content. so I’ve come back ready to attack. 

Storm Franks a bit of a b*itch ain’t he? I woke up this morning ready to take on a blog shoot and well I don’t think being over wind swept would look too great so I took to shooting in my room. I don’t like indoor pictures, natural light is my best pal and my house isn’t really showroom worthy but I really didn’t want to be defeated again, with the element literally against me. I don’t think they’ve turned out too bad considering *Sass Emoji* 

 Guys guys please let me tell you about 304# Clothing. I freaking love them and can’t get enough of their stuff. Ark had posted about them on their Instagram account and well as soon as I saw this Daydreamer crop top I had to have it. I kept thinking about it lustfully until a few days later I went across to their site and saw they were having a huge sale and basically it would be rude not to pick a few bits? Well thats what I told myself anyway. . . . so yeah it just kind of ended up in my basket along with the Perfectly Imperfect bralett. Now i’ve had a particularly indulgent Christmas, tis the season and all that so once i’ve shifted the inevitable Christmas weight i’ll be able to crack that bad boy out more. Plus I live in the UK and its the middle of winter and well I’d probably get hypothermia if I ventured out in a just a bralett. I have however had the daydreamer crop surgically attached to my back after it was speedily delivered kudos 304# and get slight separation anxiety when its in the wash. Both items are now £10 in the sale AND if you sign up to the newsletter you can get an extra 20% off you’re welcome ;)

I know as soon as payday comes around i’ll be making another trip to the site, I’ve got my eye on the Wanderluster sweater . . . .

 What clothing companies are you loving at the moment? Have you managed to grab any bargains? 

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Monday, 28 December 2015

LYDC Winter Wishlist

LYDC Winter Wishlist

With the Party Season of the year in full swing I thought it would be the perfect time to share a Wishlist of my top picks from the LYDC Winter range. As seen in an older post I’ve already had one of their fluffy little numbers surgically attached to my back, no joke. It was a tough decision whittling it down to just five as like any girl I want all the bags and with a range like this its hard to not go Polyvore happy and add them all.

1) Glitzy Clutch Bag With Chain Strap Oh I really do love this one. This bag would be perfect for that night out for New Years Eve finishing off your outfit with that bit of sparkle every girl needs for their New Years Eve night out. I’m a massive lover of a strap for my going out bags. You can sling it over your shoulder and do the “ Cha Cha Slide” without any annoying bag hindrances with great ease! Clutches and I however do not get on and i’d end up leaving the thing somewhere in da club loosing my pretty little bag and my iPhone too. On the flip side if you’re unlike me and can keep your bag on your person at all times on a night out then you can detach the strap or tuck it away in said bag creating a clutch. ACES for choices! 

2) Tartan Heart Shaped Cross Body Bag Tartan is a winner for me all year round, I like to try and channel the so punxxx it hurts vibes in my outfits.  But I feel especially at Christmas time everyone has a little place in their heart for Tartan this time of year. Adding that its adorably heart shaped its so Kawaii cute that you just can’t not add it to your bag collection. 

3) The Rae Backpack WE HAVE A WINNER. When I was sent the catalogue of bags I got all the heart eyes emojis for this bag. I love backpacks, I love that they have come back into fashion. [TBH I’d wear a backpack even if it wasn’t in fashion] and I just love the whole design of this one. It also comes in a lovely cream colour too but me and lighter colours don’t seem to coincide in peace so black anything is always the safer option for myself. I could use this bag when I go out on day trips exploring or i’d quite happily turn up to the office with this one, its so stylish and smart. Ugh I heart you. 

4) Dahlia Winter Grab Bag Grab Bag. I like it. I also like the super with a capital ‘C’ Cute floral pattern. Can I use the pattern to wallpaper my whole house including myself in it? I know this is described as a ‘’winter bag’’ I sill think you could pull this number off far into Spring too.

5) Clara Sequin HandBag This has all the mermaid vibes that the internet seems to be going cray cray for. I really love the the contrasting teal-y green sequins against the black of the bag. Another strong contender to finish off your New Years Eve outfit. Again this bag comes with a crazy dancing enabling strap and also the option to tuck it away creating a classy clutch.

Why not treat yourself to one of these beauties and use ‘Jess10’ at the checkout for extra discount. 

Keep your peepers peeled on da blog this week for an New Years Eve OOTN and what I got up to in the Leeds Bolongaro Fashion event.


Saturday, 26 December 2015


I hope everyone's had a blessed and love filled Christmas with time spent with family and anyone that holds a special place in their heart.

I'm having "blogger break" for a few days to really enjoy time spent with James and his wonderful family.

Normal service will resume some point next week. In fear of sounding uber cliche 2016 seems to be giving me the opportunities to really shape this little space of mine with exciting prospects and proposals offered to me, please please let this be my break. 

Positive vibes guys ✌🏻️ positive mind ✌🏻️


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

How I Wore It: The Perfect Party Dress

Do you remember when you were a kid, like way back when in year 4 and it would be Christmas time and your mum had bought you that super sick dress from Tammy Girl to wear to the school disco? You’d be practically buzzing and telling your pals excitedly that you’d be wearing all the glitter and velvet goodness only to stand against the wall with all the lasses and all the lads at the other side [why was that a thing?] But you didn’t care cos your mam had come through and literally bought you the sickest dress, you’d inhaled a can of glitter hair spray and you had THE.BEST.NIGHT.EVER? Weird visual to start off with I know BUT that is how I feel when I wear dresses like this. 

At the old age of 25 not a lot has changed, well apart from not being able to talk to the opposite sex that would be weird but i’m still making a bee-line for all da glitter and velvet when choosing dresses to par-tay in. It is practically the law that this time of year to have some kind of glitter in your party wardrobe. Myself? I choose to go full blown glitter errythang. I spied this little pretty in my all time fave Ark. Both James and I were drawn to it as soon as we walked into the store. BTW shout out to Jim Jam for having super sick taste and being the best shopping buddy I ever did have. Double Shout out that he offered to pay for it for me, can I get an ''awww’’. He cute ^_^ I was also super stoked that I had to get a size down [little things] You can’t really see that well in pictures but the dress is covered in the most gorgeous glitter which contrasts oh so gorgeously against the purple. In one of the many wardrobe sort outs I seem to have increased to weekly - Its a must when you own all the clothes. I dug out my old favourite poka-dot Topshop lace crop. I have literally layered it under every dress I have been wearing and wondered to myself why It ever got forgotten and shoved to the back of my wardrobe, and I really love this comp together. As the weather is officially winter my Docs have once again become surgically attached to my feet. 

What are you wearing this party season? Are you a glitter fiend too?

Dress Ark | Top Topshop 

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

10 Things I miss about Japan

Is it possible to be home sick to a place that isn’t strictly speaking your home? I mean it is in mind but unfortunately not in body. I didn’t realise how much I missed Japan until I started weeping into a copy of Japanese Nylon magazine I picked up whist out there. I got a wave of actual sadness like i’d just broken up with the love of my life or something. I’m all about the dramatics when it comes to my oriental paradise. 

1) Everthing is so damn cute and kawaii, it left myself exclaiming in excitement at everything I spotted, something more kawaii then the last. I mean they had pink chibi construction men as building railings for crying out loud. I also saw a tonne of Hello Kitty traffic cones, srsly. 

2) The shopping. Oh man oh man did I do some damage to my bank account. Forget London/Paris, Tokyo is for serious shoppers. I could of spent hours trawling though the shops/stalls/markets looking at errythang but I don’t think I would of still had a boyfriend at the end of it and I would of traumatised Lewis. I still wonder how I managed to bring it all back. 

3) The culture. I loved being able to go explore shrines and experience their culture that is a total contrast to their complete crazy side which I have equal love for. 

4) The candy. I’m surprised I didn’t end up 4 dress sizes bigger and 3 stone heavier. I literally did not stop eating all the cake and ice-cream. My philosophy was that i’m not going to be back there in a very long time so I may as well stuff my face with it while I can? Can I get a hell yeah!  

5) Its the freaking birth place of Totoro and all other Studio Ghibli magic. We didn’t get to go to the museum [my heart still breaks remembering] but that fluffy forest trolls presence was very much about everywhere we went.

6) It was fun to photograph. A weird one but the colours and the light made it very enjoyable to capture with my camera. Even though I tried to balance out actually experiencing it though my eyes, it was hard not having my Canon permentaly stuck to my face wanting to capture every moment and feeling of the spot I was stood in. 

7) Harajuku. Need I say anymore? If there is anywhere in the world I feel I belong its that crazy town. All the feelz all the love. That I just can’t.even Whilst wandering around the streets and walking past the apartments I could envision myself living there in one of the apartments I most definitely would not be able to afford. 

8) The Street style. Linked closely with Harajuku the street style was second to none, I spotted the best street trends in Harajuku in particular that gave me all the heart eye emojis and wishing my wardrobe was half as exciting. To be in Harajuku/Tokyo for fashion week would be an absolute dream. 

9) Everything is gorgeous, i’m not even kidding. The phrase attention is most defiantly noted in Japan. 

10) You can go to a town where dears will bow at you for a biscuit, like what even?

Bouns point:

11) They’re just as bat shit crazy about The Moonins as I am. I even got to go to a Moomin cafe where I dined with Moomin Papa whilst eating the best waffles and ice-cream i’ve ever had EVER.

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Fashion Faux Pas - Double Denim Under Scrutiny

You know that double denim rule thing, its kinda a massive fashion faux pass like socks and sandals. It’s some huge no no but why? I thought in fashion you were encourage to break the rules, do what the hell what you want, i’m a fashion independent 25 year girl that likes to dress as if I rolled around my wardrobe with all da patterns and thats what ima do.  Now I actually google “ Fashion Faux Pas” to check the spelling and an interesting article came up, where eBay had done a survey to reveal womens worst faux passes’. Sure enough double denim was a strong contender along side too much animal print, bra straps on show [really?] tracksuits and childish footwear amongst other things. All dumb. I mean what is wrong with wearing a tracksuit? Sure theres a time and a place, you wouldn’t rock up to dat so fancy restaurant in your Kappa popper lime green tracksuit of course so surely its the time and place that would be the faux pas and not the tracksuit itself? I’m currently wearing a pair of trackies right now, Its time to chill your beans on the tracksuit front, embrace the lounge wear. Can I ask since when did footwear come with age limit? I practically LIVED in my jelly shoes this summer at the ripe old age of 25 like i’m sure I pretty much did back when I was 5. 

So riddle me this,  Like does it count if you’re wearing 2 different coloured denims? For instance i’m wearing black and pink denim, is that still like a fashion suicide thing? Basically it doesn’t matter Is what I think i’m trying to say is I do not care and nor should you in a all around the house kinda way. You wanna rock those socks and sandals? You freaking go for it, you wanna fashion some sort of dress out of the stash of carrier bags you got under your sink, sure why the hell not pal? You like you do it, always always do you. I think that is my only ‘’rule’’ I have when it comes to the fashion choices I make. I think this is so so important. I loosely follow fashion, i’d be a liar if I said I didn’t, there are certain trend elements I channel and add to my wardrobe, its a given but its always done my way. Creativeness is key and guess what? Its super fun too!

What i’m wearing in this post isn’t necessary ‘’out there’’ and breaking all da rules, I was merely highlighting the double denim thing and well its turned into a ramble being one of the biggest tangents I think i’ve ever been on whilst writing. Messy post.
This is actually quite toned down for what I usually go for. I was on my way to see my family in Leeds last Sunday and James and I spotted this mural just down the road from our house and thought it would be a good place to shoot for blog pictures, the passing traffic was oh so off putting. I haven’t worn these H&M dungarees since summer and spotted them whilst doing a bit of wardrobe reorganising and transitioned it into winter wear by adding tights, a long sleeve you know I all go ga-ga for all the layers and my docs. To finish I grabbed my “only you” pastel perfection jacket I brought home from Harajuku, I love it so much I never ever want to take it off. 

What do you think about fashion trends and breaking the rules? How do you like to mix things up a bit?

Dungarees H&M | Top NewLook 

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

“ A Day In The Life Of Vlog"

You guys all know my struggles with iMovie yeah? I hate being defeated, so with motivation at an all time high I decided to conquer that fricking programme last night and get my edit onnn. I freaking went and did it didn’t I? I sat down, spliced my clips together, did that speedy up thing envisioned in my head and put tracks over the footage, iMovie boss init. Ok ok not a boss, all this editing is completely ammeter but its a huge leap in my skills from the last time I tried and as crappy as it might be to a pro-feshhh I am dead proud ^_^

I’ve wanted to do a vlog for a little while now but never had anything that interesting to film, as that still is the case I decided to do a day in the life of feature. Kinda lame as I just potter about or run errands. . . . so please now enjoy my bed hair at the start, unflattering angles and all the crooks shown in my teeth.

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