Monday, 30 November 2015

Causal weekends calls for casual outfits

Ok so it is kinda hard to think up of interesting outfits to show off post after post, keep your readers engaged and listening. It is partially hard when all your spare cash is tied up for Christmas gifts so the need to recycle outfits is critical and even harder in the winter when its cold and you just CBA, you want to wrap up in anything that will resemble a walking version of your bed. You dress for comfort and warmth and extermination kinda just goes out of the window -Theres only so much you can do with a coat and basically practicality wins in winter. I’d be a complete lier if I lead you to believe I dressed [in my opinion] in a flawlessly put together outfit that was blog worthy everyday. Some days when you wanna just throw on a comfy pair of leggings, a big hoodie and an even bigger coat, I wanted to show you ''Jess off duty'' [that made me cringe so hard].

This weekend James and I headed down to Cheshire to visit his family. It has become so much easier now to pay visits after newly acquiring a car with help off Jeff and Gaynor - [thank you so much guys!] meaning we now have more freedom and no longer have to rely on public transport. Looking out of the window the morning we were heading down I just craved all the big hoodies and comfort. Especially when we planned to venture out into Manchester to start and hopefully finish our Christmas shopping whilst simultaneously do some exploring too. So I opted for the love of my wardrobe at the moment, my checked jacket has practically been surgically attached to my back since bringing it back from Japan. I feel like i’m wrapped up in a fleecy duvet and basically get separation anxiety when I can’t wear it. Same goes for these leopard print leggings [I am a jeans hater gimme all da leggings/treggings] and well the oversized Tokyo hoodie too.

I've have been coming to Manchester on and off now for years, mostly for shows and to visit friends at uni so I do feel quite familiar with the city and enjoy returning visits. I like the niche shops selling unique nic-naks, the museums and art galleries and the abundance of places to grab some food. Also not wanting to waste an opportunity to fit in something for my blog, I always have my camera with me "just in case" so we hunted down somewhere that would provide a colourful back drop to make my casual ensemble a bit more exciting. We’re planning a returning trip very soon to pick off where we left off exploring. Plus theres a store called Oklahoma I need to return to where James and I picked up a copy of Alice and Wonderland and Peter Pan so gorgeously illustrated to give each other at Christmas [LOL] I could of defiantly emptied my bank account in there. We only had limited time and the weather was getting hella crazy I’m guessing we only began to scratch the surface of some of the wicked street art. I’d move here in a heart beat if ya no James changed his mind, I could bring all my friends and well basically not feel like I was turning my back on Yorkshire.

Coat Forever 21 | Leggings Topshop | Hoodie Forever 21 | Shoes Vans

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Aaaand with the Sunday just gone being the windiest day ever in Manchester, there of course are gonna be a few out takes. I wanted to be all wind swept anyway, ft creepy eye wrinkles from when I creepy smile. 


Friday, 27 November 2015

Tokyo Diary Part 3 : Harajuku is for Lovers

I actually don’t know if Harajuku is for lovers. I think i’m a bit confused, I think its ‘’Harajuku lovers’’ like Gwen Stefani sang in some song. I do know Harajuku is for shopping, eating all the crepes and taking in all the weird and wonderful fashion. Be careful not to gwape. There are a lot of Fashion ‘’meccas’’ London, Paris and Milan mine is Tokyo. The Street fashion is what got me initially hooked on this gorgeous weirdly wonderful island, the Harajuku girls to be exact, this is where it all started, this is where the obsession began and to see it in real life was a dream come true. Come with me, let me introduce you to a little place I left my heart and destroyed my bank account. 

Takeshita street [Yup, my inner 5 year old comes out and I laugh so hard whenever I see the street name, i’m super lame] It is the best place to find all kawaii treasures ever made ever, conveniently all in one stop. Now we made the mistake of going to Harajuku on Sunday, it was super busy and super rammed but I intentionally  went on that day to see if I could spy some Harajuku girls on the bridge next to the station. Sadly there was only one couple out when we got there, usually the bridge is brimming with weirdly wonderful cosplayers showing off how amazing the Harajuku culture is. The couple I managed to snap gave just a snippet of how creative they can get. Like literally the creativity makes me want to cry I love it so much. Tad overdramatic Jess.

I’d say Harajuku and partially this street battered my bank account the most, I could of quite happily spent majority of my spending money here [ Honestly I probably did]  picking up some pretty wicked souvenirs and getting my hands on some awesome kawaii grunge  pieces. I wish I was able to take more photos of the stalls and stores, but it was strictly a no go down the street, i’ll have to save what I got for a Harajuku haul video. Harajuku has such a Camden vibe to it with a Tokyo. Its colourful its loud its fun. It’s organised chaos. It’s kawaii heaven. The street art and graffiti tie in so well, with something new to see or be discovered. In a nutshell its pretty much whats going on in my head, it’s my meant-to-be home. Its where I want to be right now instead of sat on my sofa on this dreary Friday night. 

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Trending; That Lace Up Hype

It’s no secret I am a huge Ark fan girl. I am forever browsing their website and having a basket constantly full and ready to hit ‘’Buy now” once pay day comes round. Their clothes are reasonably priced and they seem to alway have on a wicked sale, like the clothes equivalent to DFS sale, [have you seen their current 30% off EVERYTHANG on the site offer at the moment? All the heart palpitations] Seriously payday where you at? I was browsing through Instagram one night and saw Ark was having an event over in Manchester, the event looked like so much fun so I took to Twitter and messaged Ark to see if they were planning on an event in Yorkshire anytime soon. I soon got a response advising that it was their first ever one and that they were hoping to do more in the new year. Now heres the embarrassing part. . . . Becca the girl that was manning the Ark Twitter page said she had noticed me always interacting on their Instagram a lot [may need to cool the liking of eerrthing] and didn’t realise I was a blogger [I still feel weird people ask that and have ‘’I guess I am’’ smiley face attitude towards it] Something very magical happened. Becca asked what size I take and said she would send me some samples from the event that were left over. You have no idea how thrilled I was and how had it was to stop myself from squealing at my desk reading their message. 

The next day the best ever blogger mail I have ever received arrived, I had so generously been sent some high waisted tartan pants - i’m always about the tartan. A gorgeous blue velvet skirt and the most deliciously festive lace up bodice with a slight bit ‘o sparkly. I was really excited about that and it is definitely one of this seasons ‘’must have’’ trends I have noticed at the moment. I had been contemplating in taking the plunge in purchasing one myself and following the trend. I would’t really wear something so revealing and the plunging neckline made me gulp in a can I really wear this and not feel all kinds of daft kinda way. But I am a member of the no bweebz club so I think I got away with it as I don't have anything really to reveal. Now it wouldn’t be a typical Jess outfit post if something I was wearing wasn’t clashing or by the rules of fashion didn’t go. So obviously I wore the velvet skirt Ark so kindly sent across too. Here i’m showcasing wearing blue with black, oh so very naughty in fashion land but in Jess land I like it I wear it *sassy girl emoji* Honestly you can’t even tell, i’ve worn so much worse together. . . .but thats for another post ;)

Top Ark | Skirt Ark | Necklace Topshop | Boots ASOS

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Tokyo Diary Part 2 - Exploring Asakusa

This is the third time I’ve picked up my Mac and tried to write this post. I’m not really sure whats up with me at the moment, I’m just not ‘’feeling it’’ and find my writing is coming across as i’m trying way too hard for it to be funny/interesting and i’ve lost my flow a bit. I have a lot of ideas bouncing around my head but the transition from mind to blog just aint happening back. Am I loosing my blogger mojo? How can that simultaneously happen when this is the time i’ve become most enthused and really want to work hard on this space of mine? I thought i’d give it another go before I hit the gym. 

Sooooo Toyko eh?

I’ve officially been home a week from Tokyo, leaving my heart there consequently. So obviously Ima give you today another photo heavy post giving you a little taste into my trip to the far East whilst I sigh at every photo I upload and wish I was still exploring. Showing you how colourfully gorgeous this country is, in my not really well put together descriptive words and photos is gonna be tough, but i’ll try my hardest I promise.  We had this morning been to Shibuya to check out the crazy crossing. Think that “Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift Scene” [Yeah I watched it and yeah I’m embarrassed about it.] where there was the race at the end, I forget what relevance it has in the film but theres the big crossing full of people weaving in and out like ants and the car goes plumiting  into it. [I didn’t really do a good job explaining it did I?] Anyway its this massive crossing thats all chaotic and as we were in the area, we wanted to check that out. 

After checking out the crossing madness, went to Asakusa more of a traditional side of Tokyo. To be honest we didn’t really know what was there to offer. I’m so glad we made the as trip as it turned out to be one of my favourite places and i’m still kicking myself we didn't go back at least once the two weeks we were there. We were blessed with another gorgeous day so everything looked doubaly beautiful. We found a traditional market full of little trinkets and things to bring back as gifts and souvenirs. As we were in one stall we heard music and noticed people starting to split themselves either side of the path way. The lady in the shop informed us a Samurai parade was coming. We went outside to join the others in watching the parade. I have shot some of the parade and quite a lot of our trip so I am hoping to do some videos sooner rather then later but I just need to get my editing down before I even attempt to show you guys. Once the parade past us, people started following it leading right to the Senso-ji shrine, an ancient Buddist temple, being Tokyos oldest. 

Dominating the entrance to the temple is the Kaminarimon or ‘’Thunder Gate” Within the gate is a huge paper lantern painted the most vivid and gorgeous red colour.  Once passed the gate and into the grounds we came across people ''cleansing'' themselves near the these huge incense burners, a huge Pagoda and other as beautifully decorated buildings. James and I picked out our fortunes in the main hall the scent heavy with incense burning and people paying homage, mine was a good one James’s . . . . not so much ha! Whilst I was wandering around the grounds amongst the hoards of tourist I found myself being very watched. Turning towards the source I found a little crowd of elderly Japanese people all grinning at me. One in very broken English pointed to their camera and asked ''Picture’’ at first I thought they wanted me to take some snaps of them but then soon realised it was me they wanted to snap pictures of? I said sure and before I knew it I had a group of people all snapping away at me with dead fancy cameras. So somewhere in a Japanese household I could well be in their holiday album pointing, me out to their family members as “”the weird girl we saw at the Senso-ji shrine’’ Aces. . . .

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