Tuesday, 27 October 2015

BRB off to Tokyo

I totally suck at flat lay photos. I wanted to do one of those really cool precision, everything centre right down to the last millimetre pictures. Jess isn't precision, Jess isn't a perfectionist. Jess is happy accident and a bit of a mess really. I'm gonna pretend that I meant to do this really cool affect that I set my camera to do cuz i'm all about the photography and just pretend that this picture didn't happen because I moved away before the camera had time to take the picture. . . .

This post was only supposed to be small and mini basically just advising that today was my last day of work for 19 days [yey] and tomorrow we are heading down to Cheshire ready for our flight to Japan Thursday [double yey] I'll be MIA on this here blog for a little over 2 weeks so things will be a little quiet. HOWEVER I am taking my Mac to upload all the millions of pictures i'll be taking. So if I do manage to grab a quick 5 minuets in the hotel room after a busy day of enjoying all things Tokyo i'll be sure to do some small updates. 

But in the meantime I'm off to go satisfy my wanderlust with my best friend. [And hopefully not have a full blown panic attack on the plane, it's been 6 years and i'm totally not looking forward to it.]

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Hearts and Pumpkins Boutique Shoot

I have churned out a heck of a lot of post this week. I'm using my back log of pictures up just before I go to Japan on Thursday. [Holy shit I go to Japan on Thursday] i'll be away from my blog for around 2 and a half weeks and by the time I get back and crash into reality I feel like they may be out dated a little. I was going to film a AW haul today but we went to an impromptu Halloween party at a friends last night and crash over and today I haven't left my onesie so yeah NOT very productive on blogging part. I think i've come to the last of my stock pile, ready for anything Japan themed when I'm back. Shinfo outta the way onto the actual post. . . .

So a few months back the lovely Kate commented on one of my pictures on Instagram, and asked if I would be interested in helping out for her new online store she was hoping to open up in October. Being a huge ammeter and only ever been used to having my picture taken for my blog by James, it was going to be another one of those times push myself out of my comfort zone again -and i'm so glad I did. It was totally cool, Kate made me feel at ease when we were messaging back and forth telling me not to worry and it would just be a totally relaxed fun day, she wasn't excepting me to be all ''super model'' Couldn't get much further away ha!

So Kate decided it would be cool to shoot the pictures in a wood not so far from where I lived, and on the day Kate came to pick me up and we headed down to the location. I think these pictures and the theme of the store are timed perfectly with the pumpkins and Autumn just in time for October and Halloween just round the corner. Kate will be selling tanks and jewellery, some shown on these pictures that you can pick up from HeartsandPumpkins.bigcartel.com I had tonnes of fun with my second taste of ''modelling'' [I always feel so dumb saying that] and chatted away most of the afternoon with Kate was lovely enough to let me keep some necklaces for myself which I haven't taken off since wearing. I got play around with pumpkins, roll around in leaves and eat all the marshmallows ever. I do like how the pictures have come out, as i'm so pale I kinda look like a vampire Twishite addition, [I kinda half except to see some where my skin glitters ;)]  

Please do check out Kate's Photography site hearteverafterphotography.vpweb.co.uk
And of course the link highlighted at the top for the tanks and jewellery i'm wearing which are all on sale now. 

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Friday, 23 October 2015


The title has no relevance whats so ever to this blog post, I've just really really really been loving BMTH's new stuff. Like since its release i've had the album on repeat. I tend to do that, like I fall in love with something and play.it.to.death most people have played said music so much they tend to hate it. I don't, I still love it. ANYWAY. . . . 

I'm currently in a post Japan daze, I only have 2 working days left at work [jealous? you should be ;)] that has come out way cockier then I meant it to be. Sorry sorry. And my minds kinda been racing and swarming with thoughts of ''what the fudge do I pack'', ''must remember to tell bank i'm in Tokyo lest they block my card, thats a no to all the shopping.'' and checking my passport a billion times that its still in date. The closer the trip looms, the more erratic i'll become and my obnoxious levels will be at an all time high. Just be thankful you can click ''x'' off this page, my real life people have to deal with me. Poor, poor them. Theres no ''x'' button in real life. Deep.

ANYWAY for the second time, I did a little Newlook haul using the last of my gift card I got from work and managed to pick up a few bits. The first thing I snagged after browsing the website was a cord A-line skirt. I'd seen quite a few of these skirts in stores with the button detailing down the front and definitely decided I needed to get me one of those. I was teetering on getting black, well thats the colour I envisioned buying, but then I saw Newlook did a gorgeous berry colour version and for a something a lil' bit different I went for that instead of black. Similar here. Now as a child I hated corduroy with an absolute passion. There was a particular baggy brown pair of trousers I hated and still have nightmares about. But i've slowing began to develop quite a thing for cord [who knew?] and now I must own all the cord items for autumn. 

Next up was a little glitter crop top similar here. Yes yes I know its autumn practically winter I don't know how to dress for the seasons. But its ok cos you see I can wear it with high wasited things to created the illusions its a full length kinda and only have a hint of skint on show, sassy. Plus I really love all things glittery and sparkle for winter. It's like the law to wear said things this time of year. Fashion law? I have no idea. Jess's law? Best law.

Some absolutely awful bug thing tried to fly in ma face while I had my pose on and resting bitch face out, I did not appreciate it one bit. Hey winkle chin, nice face. 

Top Newlook | Skirt Newlook | Shoes Primark 

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Thursday, 22 October 2015

#MotelxIllamasqua event Leeds

This week has been quite good for my own personal blogger goals. I hit 200 on Bloglovin' [finally] and i've been invited to not only one but two blogger events! unfortuatly I can't attend one as I will still be in Japan BUT I can go to the #LeedsXmas meet and i'm so excited it will be my first proper event where I get to meet lovely bloggers and do some networking for my blog ahhh ^_^ 

As mentioned in my Previous post last Thursday I checked out the MotelxIllamasqua event that was held in the Illamasqua store in Leeds. I'd peeped on Twitter Motel had been Tweeting about the event that was open to anyone. I am a mega fan of Motel and I thought this would be a great opportunity to break me in for Blogger events [previously wondering if i'd ever get invited to one of them ;)] I of course dragged along James, 10 Boyfriend points to you for never moaning for being taken to blogger related things! At the store we were greeted with wine and a warm welcome from the Illamasqua staff who all gave me absolute make up envy. We headed upstairs to go have a look at the clothes and chatted all things Motel. I spent most of my time lustfully looking at the dresses and playsuits wishing I could take home the burgundy velvet playsuit I developed quite a thing for. Perhaps next time.

After I had got up close and personal with Motels new range, had a Selfie taken with some of my favourite items in return for the most generous goodie bag and chatted all things blog with the two ladies working for Motel I was asked if I would be interested in applying for #Motelfamily [fingers crossed as that would be the dream!], I was given a flyer with all the details said my goodbyes and went to check out exactly what ''Illamasqua'' was. 

As I had never heard of the brand I didn't know what to expect, I'm a standard make up girl. Foundation to hide my blemished skin blusher, eyeliner and a bit of mascara job done. If i'm going out I may partake in wearing lipstick and if i'm even more daring a bit of eyeshadow and some false lashes, not too over the top mind. So milling around the awesomely decked out store [they had weird contorted bodies poking at the wall!? So creepy cool] James asked me what I wanted to try out and look at. I literally had no idea where to even begin looking, then the very lovely Kiri one of the Illamasqua girls asked me the very same question that I was unable to answer Jim. Some of the new eyeshadow palettes with all the glitter caught me eye and this gorgeous deep red lipstick she had on. She talked me through the eyeshadow palette that was from their new Equinox range as was the lipstick she had on. Kiri asked if i'd like to try it out with an encouraging nod from Jim I was lead to a make up chair. As soon as Kiri had finished applying the lipstick I was in lovvvvee. Like I instantly felt confident, who knew a lipstick could have such a profound effect. Kiri wrote up the things she had shown me and left her Instagram on the info sheet for me to find as she wanted to read my blog- I was quite flattered ha! Her Instagram is here and I 100% insist you check her out, she is a make up wizard! She also mentioned the store was having a 10% discount that night for the event so obviously the lipstick I loved so much came home with me. 

After another look around the store, James and I left. I was feeling happy and quite positive about my blog and felt this tiny bit of networking I managed to do might just been pay off. I had also discovered a brand that I think I will be indulging in a little bit more, its knocked Mac right out of the park. It was time to hunt down a maccies promised to my boy and be buy copious amounts of Millies cookie cupcakes in the station to eat in bed while feeling content with the evening. Heres to move events and blogger opportunities, I honestly had so much fun. 

[Worlds cheesiest grin? Nope thats just me genuinely happy] 

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Future is now


This post will be extremely photo heavy, providing I can cope with the incredibly slow photo uploaded blogger provides. Well, its either that or my internet i'm not too sure.

ANYWAY its Back To The Future day yey. If you didn't know, where have you been. My Insta feed and Twitter has been full of BTTF related posts so unless you've been living under a rock or haven't had much interaction on the widest web [the internet] today then it's been pretty hard to miss. 
So in honour of this day my friends decided to throw a "Back to the Future'" Partayyy fancy dress of course *sassy girl emoji*

Myself and my best friend Charlotte went out for a bite to eat well over a month ago before the party and thought it would be hilarious to so as a Shark or ''Jaws 19" as we literally had no idea what to dress as. [We find ourselves hilarious as someone has to right?] Confession time, collectively out of the 3 movies i've watched about 45mins. I'm not really a huge fan [sorry sorry] But my friends are. So I was really really stuck for ideas. Charlotte and I spent a vast amount of time whatsappin' pictures of shark costumes back and forth to each other, the infamous ''left shark'' made appearence obvs but a little out of our budget. Charlotte found these beauties and right in our price range too, aces!  

On the night of the party my friends had excellent decorated there house all Back To The Futureie complete with home made signs and futurist ''YOU'RE FIRED'' faxs everywhere 10 points for decors lads. Charlotte the creative bean that she is even fashioned ''Jaws 19'' signs to make sure everyone really knew who we were. The night consisted of far too much food consumed, I ate A LOT of Charlottes banana bread she is honestly a kitchen wizard jumping around to pop-punk until gone 2am [well me and Charlotte were, its our thang to dance ridiculously to bands] and having pictures taken next to a Delorean. Yes thats right my friends they have their very own Delorean super fans!

I've got a lot of love for this girl, she's forever keeping me in check <33
P.s TOTAL finge envy alwayz.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

What I got in my MotelxIllamasqua goodie bag

Hello, wanna see a video where i'm super derp? Well you've come to the right blogpost. 
In this video, i'll be going though what I received in my MotelxIllamasqua goodie bag at the event held in Leeds last Thursday. I didn't strictly get an invite [still waiting for one of those ;)] as it was an open invitation to all and got some pretty cool stuff for just taking a selfie, winner winner something about a chicken dinner? No idea.
 I really need to find some software for my Mac where I can edit videos properly, perhaps even get my hands on final cut pro and not have to succumb to using iMovie which is oh so crappy. The video ends abruptly where James decided to barge in pre-filming [cheers pal] and I really didn't want to have to shoot the whole thing again. Watch me be awkward and struggle to pronounce words such as ''Illamasqua'' and ''Lamoda''. Seriously. I should quit while i'm ahead. . . .

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Leggsinton - Velvet comfort dreams

Now a days i'm all about the comfort. I'm not sure if its the recent cold snap autumn has brought on, being in a constant state of fatigue due to increased hours at work or my age? I just like to feel comfy, When plans are proposed to socialise and i'm feeling that way out and if it means I have to take my onesie off and get dressed I get all Dragons den and i'm out. This nearly happened Friday just gone,we had plans to go see friends we hadn't hung out with in a while i'm all tired because its the end of the week and work has drained me, my new gym pattern is quite intense so i'm sleepy from that too The thought of bailing to get bad food and binge watch Gossip Girl in bed was oh so tempting.  THEN I remebered Leggsington very kindly last week gifted me a pair of Donia Black velvet jogging pants. If you have been a long time reader of my blog [the whole 8 months] You will know that I am a big big fan of the brand and there joggers have appeared on my blog quite a few times now. 

I thought wearing these joggers out was a good compromise to my onesie plus how they looked created a happy medium of comfort whilst still looking acceptable to be leaving the house in without looking like a slob. You all know my feelz on jogger pants. They aint usually that flattering but Leggsinton seem to get it right every single time. Kudos, i've fully converted to jogger pants being something you can wear out and not something to lounge about in. Now which pair to wear on my 14 hour flight as i'm starting to rack up quite a collection. I also wore my new Primark top I picked up in Manchester last Saturday and I thought it worked quite well together, I think I will be wearing this outfit for the plane, comfy and cosy while i'm mid panic in the air. I wish I was joking. 

Is there any brands you have particularly been loving recently? 

Top Primark | Joggers Leggsington | 

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