Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Rob Ryan Exhibition

Wanna see how snap happy I can get? This post if you bear with will demonstrate just how snap happy I can be. I can never take too many pictures let me just click click away. Japan is going to be a nightmare unless I pack like 28902709237 SD cards with me. I've been like this since I was little. I like pictures, I like taking pictures and I like experimenting with pictures. Recently my mum as an early christmas present bought me the camera of my absolute dreams and well its been stuck to my face ever since. 

Saturday James was having a ''lads day'' Wheyey off drinking with his buds in Howden. I skipped over time and headed across to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with my cousin, her daughter and our grandma. I have been DYING to go as you will of seen from incessant tweeting if you follow me every since the Rob Ryan Exhibition has been on. Rob [first name basis BBF's and all that] makes these amazing intricate pictures from cutting designs out of card. The detail, the quotes, the cute scenes that he creates I could stare at for hours, picking out bits I hadn't noticed the last time I looked.  So naturally as soon as we got there I got all fan girl and practically sprinted to stare in awe at what works displayed - and I wasn't disappointed. 

After dreamily starting at the pieces and wishing I had enough Dolla Dolla to purchase even half a picture we headed outside to see some of the sculptures and later on find the poppies that were at the tower of London last year. The gourds of the park are wicked, discovering a new sculpture every corner you turn, taking in the beautiful landscape. This was a perfect day for me combining some of my favourite things, Art, the outdoors and Autumn, aces! I've also like serialism, cubism and anything abstract so some of these sculptures were right up my street. 

The poppies were pretty wicked to see up close and personal. It was nice to take my grandma as that was one of the things she was most looking forward to that day. After exploring and looking at all the different mediums used on the sculptures scattered around the park, it was time to depart after a lovely autumnal day and head for food.

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Sunday, 27 September 2015


I have lost the ability to sleep in. I'm a worrier. I worry about stupid things, I make up scenarios in my head and blow things out of proportion always wondering what if. Not daring to say these worries out load as i'd sound absolutely mental. Kinda like I do now. I have no idea whats in my subconscious right now stopping me from sleeping and making me worry. No matter how tired I am or late I went to bed, I'm lucky if my bodies not wide awake after 6am. annoying mind ticking. Usually I try and fight it, lay in bed for a few hours and then admit defeat all the while James is in the deepest sleep. At least someone is getting some. [LOL] Today I woke just before 7am, thats actually quite good however i'm plenty sure i'll be needing a nap later. 

Anyway enough of that dribble. . . . There are more pressing matters to tend too.

Insert all the sad face emojis. They were one of the first independent/instagram/Bigcartel brands I found. When I realised I didn't have to buy everything from Topshop or River Island and there was such things as clothing companies that did stuff off their own back it opened a whole new clothing world for me. The prices were reasonable, the designs were wicked AND they even collaborated with Rik Lee an illustrator I'm a huge fan of. Slam Dunk you'd always see the ''Honour Over Glory Girls'' With their tube socks and and Honour Tubes. Every Scene queen Emo girl's idol. Totally guilty of owning both things but not daring enough to don both in public. See below photos for ones own amusement.  

Everything is currently £5 or £10 on the site, once its gone its gone. Sure there are more clothing companies but it just won't be the same. This is one Emo kid thats gonna miss her go too brand. The sports crop i'm wearing you can snap up for just a fiver. I got this post shopping ban.I seem to making a lot of accidental outfits lately and this is yet another favourite of mine, everything seems to be my favourite. I tried this on whilst still wearing my UO bralette and really liked the way the lace poked out underneath. Oooo all the edges. I also had my Depop Tartan love on and thought the outfit looked pretty wicked, not something I'd paired together ordinarily but I liked it. By the way is there a possible way to wear a crop in winter? Suggestions on a postcard please. Or do I have to lay this to rest until summer next year?

Crop Honour Over Glory | Skirt Depop | Shoes ASOS | Bralette Urban Outfitters 

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So Tumblr it hurtz. 


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Silence Before Sundown

So. has had a bit of make over thanks to bonuses from work. I am absolutely thrilled with how its turned out and i've really started to fall in love with this little space on the internet I call my own. It's made me want to really invest in my blog and make it something. I've had quite a positive week this week. Exciting blogger type things that are having all the loose threads tied up as we speak/write/read? I was nominated for a Liebster award which I thought was just so lovely. I'm on track with my weightloss target and i'm joining the gym Wednesday, I can't wait to really start working hard on myself.

I'll take us back to last Sunday when James and I decided to board the peasant wagon and have an impulsive trip to York for a wander. We are considerably broke so a wander around the streets was really all we could do. I even teased myself and looked in a few shops knowing I couldn't spend and cried when I saw a super sick polo shirt in H&M that read ''i'm not sorry'' on the neck. I don't even know why I liked it so much it was just cool. another day perhaps. Shopping ban firmly in place scouring my wardrobe for clothes to re-wear and re-fall in love with. Mix up and make outfits. I pulled out this dress from very depths of the neglected part of my wardrobe I bought from eBay a few years ago. Originally from River Island I managed to snag this for under £7 new I may add. The dress is quite metallic and I feel it much more suited to autumn months rather then summer. As I am half giant all dresses/skirts come up short on my always and i'm forever showing everyone my butt. Lucky. This dress was no exception so I had to put on my black New Look body con skirt just in case. I've wanted a rimmed hat for a little while, something a bit different from my bowler one and annoyingly i'm still not too sure on it or if I can pull it off. I guess i'll just have to keep trying it with different outfits but i'm not completely sold.

What are your looks this A/W15, anyone else struggling with a shopping ban?

Hat H&M | Dress River Island | Shoes ASOS | Bag MotelRocks

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Liebster Award 2015

I've been nominated for the Liebster award yey, by the very Lovely Dalisse over on The Tiny Canary . Which I was absolutely thrilled about when I saw her message pop up on Instagram. I have been following Dalisse for a little while on Instagram and i'm forever going heart eyes for the outfits she posts, especially her pastel creepers, note to self must attain a pair for my very own!

The Liebster award is nominated by other fellow bloggers to get a little shout of appreciation and to help them get noticed and boost their blog to others. Such a wicked and thoughtful idea. 

11 Random Facts about me.

1) I am totally petrified by the dark, if i'm ever home alone which is almost never thank God, every single light in the house will be switched on illuminating my street.

2) I love Quentin Tarantino, not just his films the movie wizard, which are all by the way my favourite films all at once. I love him and would literally die if I ever got to meet him. Quinny come say hey some time.

3) I hate Starwars DULLLLLLL city.

4) My fluffy faced Cat Cassandra is my best friend. No seriously Cassie just gets it.

5) I go mad for anything Japanese, mostly street fashion, Anime and all the kawaii I can handle. You either get it or you don't and I can't get enough. 

6) My mum moved to New Zealand nearly 2 years ago, it's hard and I miss her every single day but i'm glad she's happy.

7) I travelled the whole wide world when I was 19. I have had some of the most amazing experiences before my 20th birthday, then most people in their lifetime. Swimming across the great barrier reef, experiencing the Grand Canon and hiking along the Great Wall Of China to name a few. 

8) I collect Alice In Wonderland books, the older the better. My most favourite copy is one I picked up in a New Zealand charity shop for $4. 

9) Harry Potter is a way of life, and has been since I was around 5/6. Slytherin's where you at?

10) I like to collect cameras. I think i'm just a hoarder at heart really, super old ones that still use film can have wicked effects on pictures. I love the anticipation of waiting for your photos to be developed. 

11) I go goo-goo eyed over foxes. Those bushy orange tails just make me want to squish them all with love.

Q and A:

1. What inspired you to start your blog?
Honestly, I was sick of seeing the same Topshop haul, I know I know i'm guilty of bashing Topshop and buying from there but after seeing every girl in Topshops ''New Arrivals'' I may as well be looking at the site. I wanted to have a go myself, I've always loved clothes and showing outfits I put together, not so much fashion i've never really followed it only loosely in some parts. I'm a strong believer in outfits should be fun and not wearing  the ''must have'' this season. I'm mean it's totally cool if you like to follow it, I prefer to mix it up I guess?
2.  Who is your favorite style icon?
Hayley Williams. That woman is goals and a huge inspiration for life in general. She knows how to have fun with an outfit and brush off what critics say. Props to you Hay-dawg.
3. Can you name two of your favorite bloggers and explain why they are your favourites?
The very lovely Aoife RocketteQueen. I've only been following her a few months on social platforms but she is honestly so genuinely nice and great to talk to. AND she likes Pokemon and has wicked hair seriously how could you not love her? 

Another multicolour haired lovely is Kimberly on The Colour Chronicles I love reading the content of her blog and her tweets seriously crack me up

4. What's the one wardrobe essential you can't live without?
Hmmmm tough. I don't have one particular item of clothing but I do have a very loved collection of grim clothes. Like good gross so hilarious you can't not buy it. Collection consists of cat cardis, glittery tops and fluffy bags.  

5. How would you describe your blogging style?
Eclectic. All over the place and confused. I have no idea. 

6. What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging?
Being self dependent since I was 19. Running my own house, holding down a job i hated and left me in tears. But I did it. Don't get me wrong, my parents have bailed me out in the past but yeah I guess adulating is doable, just. I'm doing it, not well at times but I am. 
7. What was the last book you read?
To Kill A Mocking Bird. Go read now. Seriously. Scout so sassy. 

8. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I've travelled a lot. I've been to some amazing places but i'd love to go back to Australia again and travel down the East Coast with James in a camper. And Japan, i'm going back In October which i've mentioned 3839037309 times already. I left my heart in Tokyo 6 years ago. 

9. Where do you see yourself in five years?
Such a difficult question to ask. Literally no clue. I'd hope a well paid job, with a mortgage. I definitely see my future with James.  Oh i'm old. 
10. What was the first movie or book that made an impact on your life? 
Harry Potter is life, see fact 9. I am a big dreamer, you can't get dreamier life then HP.
11. What advice would you give someone who just started blogging?
It's hard, but worth it. It's a great creative outlet and you make lovely blogger friends on hand for advice or just a good old chat on twitter. If you feel like giving up don't, you put in what you get and it will be so so worth it. 

Here are my nominees:


Monday, 21 September 2015


This post nearly didn't happen tonight. I'm currently laid in bed wearing one of James's old Paramore T-shirts, hair scraped up, grown out undercut sticking out in all directions. I've done over time and i've just finished my BBG guide. I am DONE. All I want to do is eat my tea in bed [don't pretend you don't do it too] and watch the new anime we picked up in York yesterday. But that would be lazy and unproductive so you lucky things do get your Monday instalment yey! Enjoy. 

I have something to admit. Here goes. . .. I am a shopaholic. . . .There I said it. I knew you all knew but for clarification I have come to recognise my disease I just can't resist a good bargain or something ridiculous. With my Japan trip being NEXT MONTH a swift shopping ban has been implemented and its so so hard. Every single spare penny will be put away for our 2 week stint in Tokyo. I've literally gutted my wardrobe and put 90% of the contents on eBay. It's a good job I picked up a few things in the MotelRocks sample sale before said ban was made. When I received the email from Motel my eyes nearly fell out of my head as I hurriedly went to see what was left on the site. Motel has been one of my favourite brands since I was at  college like 8 years ago [jeez i'm getting old]. I have quite the hefty collection of dresses/skirts/co ords from over the years. In the sale I picked up a Fluffy heart PVC bag which is all kinds of amazing and I haven't had it off my back since it arrived at my door step , and a kinda vampy lace midi skirt thing I bought on a whim. As i'm tall I feel like midi skirts would come up too small on me, I was surprised by this one as it was just right for my lanky giant legs, and didn't look silly when I wore it with my super high RI boots, winning. 

keeping with the grunge/90s theme I seemed to have developed massive heart eyes for, I think this midi skirt will be holding a very loved place in my wardrobe next to my glittery crop tops, purple lipstick and hoops combo and fluffy bags.  

I feel like i've rambled and I had made a packed with myself to keep posts as trim as possible. I'm tired I lost control, soz. 

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Girl about lounge - Fleeced lined heaven

Do you ever have those days where your face just isn't playing ball and you're just not a fan of your appearence? The day these pictures were taken I had majorly fallen out with my face/body/my inability to apply my eyeliner correctly. I miss my runners body and my healthy long hair, i'm in a bit of a body rut at the moment. All the first world issues right? I need a re-invention and i'm in the process of making it happen thanks to my very talented friend and working hard of health changes minus a few ''slip up'' days due to the stress of achieving just under 2000 learners at work. watch this space. . . .

ANYWAY, rambly rant type thing over these were the second pair of Leggsington joggers I ordered mentioned in my other post. These are so as soft and yummy as my other pair if not a slightly little better due to the fact they are mother tucking FLEECED LINED. Since ordering both pairs I have worn them every chance I have had and maybe even slightly developed a bit of separation anxiety from when I can't wear them, can that even be a thing? Even James has been kicking back in both pairs, annoyingly looking 1000% times better in them then myself. That boy and my clothes. I will most definitely be wearing those non stop in winter keeping my long legs all super toastie from wintery chill. AND they are going to be perfect for my 14 hour flight I have coming up next month. totally not ready or stoked about that. The plane dreams have come back with vengeance and i've set up a hypnotherapy appointment to help me not give a shit i'm 30,000ft in the air alongside valium off the doctors. I teamed my joggers with my mesh inserted bralette  I picked up from Topshop last year and after looking at these pictures i'm on an all sugar ban these hips deffo do not lie. Shakira any one? No? ok. 

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