Sunday, 9 August 2015

Living with your ''better half''.

Last weekend James and I have been living together officially for one whole year. Whats even more so impressive is that James actually has stayed put in one spot for longer than 10 months. Thats an achievement that needs to be acknowledged on its own. So in honour of this milestone i've put a little post together on what it's like to live with your other half. Posts of this nature usually focus of the negatives, for example toilet seats being left up, rogue toenail clippings littered around your abode [eww] and constant mess. I'm lucky and Jim doesn't really do any of the above. [Not even the toilet seat one?!] Instead of mess and toenails, I get a cleaned house and a bath ready fro me when I get home from work ;) He's alright you know. I'll try not to make this a sop fest I swear. 

1) Before I leave the house be it i'm going work/out/date night. James helps me pick out and decide what to wear. Not the usual boyfriend programmed ''You look fine dear'' without so much as glancing at you response. No no Jim gives constructive feedback and usually gets it spot on.

2) I order A LOT of stuff online, what girl doesn't? Whilst at work James will text me when a parcel shows up and then send me a picture of himself wearing said new item. He always looks better in it then me damn it! Please see below photo.

3) We binge watch a lot of SATC. James is like my gay but not gay best friend as well as boyfriend. It is the best of both worlds. We have a good old bitch about how shit Carrie always looks, Miranda's questionable hair choices, Charlottes' money grabbing ways and Samantha being our Spirt animal. Usually clinking our glasses of Cosmo in agreement. God Carrie's so shit. 

4) Listening to my girl rants. But actually listening and agreeing, no vacant stare as I let off steam I even get input too ''OMG Jess I like totally can't believe she said that!'' *hair flick and click*

5) Coming home from over time, dead on my feet to a bath run fresh Jammys and my tea being made. HEAVEN!

6) Ok ok, I may have one little hack, just one. I mentioned above how I have a little bit of an online shopping problem. Well i'll get text whilst at work ''So Jess, when we're you going to tell me you ordered from Topshop AGAIN?!'' Ermmm . . . . Mental note must remember to get packages delivered to work. Having a Boyfriend that works from home means there is no hiding your sickness. It's not really a hack I guess, He's probably doing me and my bank balance a favour. 

It is pretty great being able to live with your best pal. THX for not strangling me for being messy, annoying and having a online shopping addiction.  You're alright bub, you're alright <3 



  1. The fact that your boyfriend puts on your clothes and sends you photos of himself in them is fucking hilarious, I hope he doesn't mind you sharing the photos? Haha oh and I'm lucky too that my other half doesn't leave the toilet seat up either and he's always treating me to a lovely home cooked meal <3 They're not all bad. Great post x

    1. Don't you worry, permission was attained before the photos went live on the Internet ;) hahaa. We must have the only few that don't leave it up! Their all right ain't they? Thanks lovely and thanks for checking out my post ^_^ x

  2. The part about him trying on your clothes really made me chuckle, he sounds adorable! Hope your new home is going well. I love your blog header by the way!
    Anna x

    1. He is really good! Hahaa makes me laugh too when I get the pictures at work ^_^ thank you and thanks for taking the time out to check my post. X

  3. Aww this is lovely, the pictures did make me chuckle! My Fiance and I bought our first home 6 weeks ago and I'm absolutely loving it :)

    Courtney xx

    1. Hahaa thank you, it always brightens my day when he sends them ^_^ congratulations and happy new home! Xx


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