Monday, 31 August 2015


My ears are still ringing, the smell of make shift camp bonfire is still clinging to my hair, i'm tired and in need of a good meal. My bank account is sad and empty, it's only been roughly 18 hours and festival blues have already started to settle in. I really do love Leeds Festival. 

My first Leeds fest was back in 2007 and as mentioned in previous post's I have been going every year ever since, minus 2009 whilst I was traveling. This year we weren't meant to be going at all due to every single bit of spare cash we have gong to our Japan fund for October. But then we saw BabyMetal were playing and loads of really great bands that were my life back in my Emo days and, well, before you know it a Saturday and Sunday ticket had been purchased and we were going to Leeds for bank holiday. 

We started the day off by getting supplies from Tesco, snacks booze and chocolate - oh man you can't ever ever forget to pack yourself up some chocolate - and made our way to the shuttle bus ready to see the first band of the day. Now if you're into ''that'' kind of music scene i'm pretty sure you will have heard of Neck Deep. They seem to have exploded in the past year and this was the first time of me seeing them. I am a huge huge fan of all things pop-punk so even though I hadn't really heard much of Neck Deeps stuff I was still able to enjoy them. How can you not love a pop punk show? So with it being barely half 12, James and I were getting happily merry on smuggled in beer in the sun [yep yep that bright fire ball thing in the sky] watching a great starter band getting pumped for the rest of the day.

Possibly the highlight of Saturday for me and I'm pretty sure James will agree was watching Panic. We started off by standing near the back so we could watch them at a leisurely distance but as soon as Brendon came out and sang his first note, Jim and I looked at each other, ran and wiggled our way forward as much as possible screaming along ''Camisado'' as loudly as humanly possible. In that moment a huge wave a nostalgia hit me, we went back to being 15 again, our giant fringes had grown back and our jeans as tight as we could stand them before our circulation was cut off with one too many stud belts worn. Lowlife of course. Even if your'e not a fan of Panic, you can't deny the sheer amount of talent Brendon has, the range his voice has is all kinds of crazy. The loveliest thing I think about watching him perform was seeing him in his element with the hugest smile on his face, just pure enjoyment and love for what he does. Oh and their own versions on ''Bohemian Rhapsody' was pretty sweet too ;)

I was pleasantly surprised by All Time Low. I've never really formed much of an option, I found I could either leave them or take them. I wouldn't go out of my way to go watch them I find them quite ''kiddy'' says the girl that has a huge love for NFG. . . . I was just very meh about them, even though the genre is what I gush over when it comes to music. They put on a fun show, and I enjoyed watching them. Kudos to you ATL. There very very Blink-esque, i'm guessing very heavily influence by them even hoodwinking a few of their puns from the live album. I had Blink in my youth i'm guessing these are someone else's version of blink and what they were to me to someone of this generation. Tom, Travis and Mark obvs still the kings of catchy lyrics and too much toilet humour. 

We were so very lucky with the weather this year, the only time the rain graced the festival with its presence was on Saturday during P!ATD set. Sods law the only time it doesn't rain at Leeds was the year we decided not to camp. Having the weather so rarely beautiful meant we could chill out on the grass in between bands we weren't so bothered about, we could wear basically what we wanted I managed bare legs both days with no need for wellies. It felt like a festival, beautiful weather, lovely company, music and all the alcohol. I like being able to just sit and soak up my surroundings, watch other people [in a none creepy way] have fun and enjoy themsleves. Take in the atmosphere and wave summer out with a bang ready to welcome in the rapidly approaching Autumn. 

[Above picture taken from the Leeds Festival website]

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

What I Wore: Picnic

So, [I need to stop starting sentences with so] So last weekend James and I were feeling surprisingly fresh after our friends birthday/moving in party and decided to grab a surprisingly sunny Sunday by the bawlz and have a picnic by the canal.

Stoping off at Morrisons for picnic food, we found these awesome pizza pouch things, like inside out pizza pouch things. Not selling them very well. . . . but take my word for it they were AMAZING. I'm all about pizza related products.  After we had stocked up on yummy snacks we headed for our local canal.And then the wind came. I have no idea where from but it was like gale force winds trying desperately to blow our sandwiches and pizza pouches out of our hands. Nightmare. It also blew my hair about so much, it turned it into a ratty mess and my fringe an absolute joke. Double nightmare. 

As the weather was so lovely [barring the wind later on] I thought it would be a good opportunity to wear my new crop I picked up in the Misguided sale mentioned in my July haul video. I had been having a bit of a tricky time trying to find something to team it with. As it does show ALOT of skin, I needed something to wear on the bottom half to tone down how exposing it actually is. Most of my skirts are quite tight and short due to giantism so when put together it kinda looked trashy, and not good trashy. On a whim I decided to try it with my orange Primark skirt and to my surprise it worked. The skirt is quite floaty with a slight pleat and comes to just above my knee. It's also high waisted enough that 1) hides a multitude of sins and 2) is the right high waisted level to avoid trash- Just. Aces. To complete the look I also donned my neon orange Misguided Jelly shoes. Seriously every time I look down at my feet when wearing them I laugh at just how ridiculous they are. 

With ratty hair and a micro fringe stuck up due to intense gales, this did not create the best environment for pictures making them not my best. I powered through, an artist must suffer for their art or some bull like that. . . . .

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015


So I may or may not have just discovered  Polyvore properly and it may or may not be my new favourite app. I've definitley been having way more fun then I care to admit putting together things I want. Oh so very very dangerous. 

I have reached new levels of broke. I have done so much overtime this month to beef up my wage for September I was very disheartened  when I got my slip today and it was all kinds of grim. So what better way to add insult to injury then lust over lovely items and create a wish list knowing I will not be able to get my hands on these beauties for a good while. 

Now I'm not stupid. I know there are consequences to reckless spending actions. I know if I buy that UNIF set ima be eating beans for the rest of the month, with no one to blame for it but myself. I've done it before and I'll probably do it again. This month though if I bought any of the above items I wouldn't even be able to afford the beans. 

Best get selling my life on eBay. Being an adult is boring sometimes. 

First up is this super funky, [yeah I described something as ''funky'' what of it?!] SkinnyDip Popcorn iPhone case. The popcorns have googly eyes for crying out loud. Coming in at £14.99

Next up in my ever expanding wishlist are these Leggsinton Joggers, I saw Amy Valentine post about them on her IG intrigued I checked out their site and now I really want pair for my flight to Japan. Swaying more to the pair that look like chefs trousers. In the Sale for £22.30

The Disturbia Corduroy Pinafore is also in the sale, I've been looking for a cute black corduroy pinafore like this for a while and haven't seen one yet that's 'me' until now. A steal at just £22.50

Ah the UNIF underwear set. I've been lusting over this since forever and whenever they have it back in my size i'm out of dollar dollar. £49.73 for the set


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

August buys

So today has not gone down how I hoped, I left work early ill [boohoo Jess] and have pretty much napped the afternoon away waking up STARVING. I'm going to try tempt my stomach with some food and hope it doesn't come back up - Sorry for the visual. I forgot to take a picture after shooting this August haul video and i'm looking quite grim so there will be no selfie's a happenin' for the thumbnail of this video. So please enjoy this recycled picture I found in my iPhotos. On a more serious, less self pitying note:


No really, September is literally round the corner and I find it absoloutley terrifying that before we know it, it will be Christmas/ New Year and 2016 will in full swing. And i'll be 26. . . . ew. BUT this does mean my trip to Japan is only 65 days away. ALL THE EXCITEMENT. Ima worn you now, i'll become more and more obnoxious the closer the trip gets, just a heads up. 

This months haul shows you my favourite buys of this month and some excellent bargains i've been able to score and it also highlights the less then flattering faces/angles I like to pull. Is that seriously how I look when I talk. . . .

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Perfect Crop Top And High-waisted Combo

This weekend has been excellent. The weather had been so hawt, like milk was a bad choice hawt. Please please Leeds Fest Gods, please let the weather stay like this for next weekend. It would be nice not to have to live in my wellies for an extended weekend. Just this once?

As the weather has been unexpectedly beautiful I decided to crack out one of my very favourite crop tops and teamed it with my very very favourite UNIF shorts. Both items may or may not be owned by Hayley Williams also. . . . ok they are. Since I was about 16 I have adored everything about Hayley Williams. As mentioned in my other posts, I do base a lot of what I wear heavily on how Hayley dresses. She just has the most fun and wicked sense of style and most importantly seems like a lovely human being with an incredible talent thats made me melt since my early teens. Heart eyes forever for Hayley she is my queen. I find her very inspiring. 

I was watching coverage of Paramore doing their thang when they played Radio 1's Big Weekend a few years back, Hayley exploded onto stage in these amazing shorts, I grabbed my phone and started googling these shorts trying to desperately hunt them down. It was the first time I had heard of UNIF, browsing though their website I wanted to buy one of everythang money permitted. I found the shorts albeit a little pricey I swiftly moved them into my shopping basket, ignored the stupid overseas shipping and hit complete order. Now what made these shorts oh so pricey was I was stung by customs tax. Bane of my online shopping life. I'm forever getting those grey cards of postal death through my letter box demanding I cough up extra cash for my overseas goods. No fair guys. In the end with the added customs tax [and £8 handling fee erm excuse me what?] The shorts ended up totalling near £90 yikes! I do love them and I find them very versatile if you don't mind all the clashes like myself. High wasted and faux leather and studs they do appeal to my inner emo.

The top was a Valentines gift from James this year, again I was watching Hayley performing ''Still Into You'' on American idol and again grabbed my phone and started googling where I could pick up the crop. Thx google for helping my shopping addiction. This time I managed to avoid customs charges for the first time ever. I haven't worn it much purely as I kinda over did the cake and chocolate thing and it made me not want to show off the result of the sugar addiction. I'm back on track with my exercise guide and I can dare to bare. Well, just a 'lil.

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Friday, 21 August 2015

'' I have too many shoes'' Said no girl eva

Firstly I'ma start off by apologising as Blogging this week has been extremenly sparse and has taken a bit of a back seat, my bad. If you are following me on Twitter you will have seen numouros tweets regarding the INSANE amount of over time i've done this week. I've become some what delirious because of this and i'm afraid my post will probably be just rambles and non-sensical. Let's face it whenever isn't it? 
I've also started up my BBG guide after a huge break from it. Lord I forgot how much hard work it is. Hopefully the effort will pay off again and my fading abs will come back. So with working so much, fitting in daily workouts, general house work duties and spending time with my boy and cat [yes cat, can't neglect Cassandra and have her thinking I no longer love her] I haven't had much time to spend on my blog and it has become neglected but not forgotten. Interaction with other bloggers and trying to fit in chats have been 0 to none this week and honestly its made me kinda sad. [is that sad in it's self?] 

Things i've learn't when i'm spreading myself too thin:

1) I need to pace myself and not do too much at once, I can't give things the individual attention it needs and I despise the outcome. 

2) Must remember to write up draft posts for when I have a busy week coming up, that way at least I have something to post when i'm MIA. I plan this weekend to do just that.

3) Bulk photos. I'll be taking advantage of my overtime free weekend and taking as many as I can. Sorry James.

4) I have made a hell of a lot of calls this week at work, some days peaking over 200. I ring mostly care homes and I have found that 9 out of 10 have hold music that would be perfect for a Zelda game, just saying' [Ok that wasn't a ''spreading myself too thinly'' thing but whatevs I thought it was important to mention] I am currently dreaming about leaving voicemails. Do you feel me TSN ladiez?

SO, that was possibly the HUGEST tangent I have ever gone off on. None of it being important, well apart from the Zelda thing. 

After working my absolute butt off i've also done what I do best and done some sale shopping.
Winters coming, dare I mention it and i've been looking out for some new boots. [Yes yes i'm always ''looking for the perfect something'' get off my back yeah?] My ones at the moment I love but are kinda looking a bit worse for wear. I've had to do that thing where you colour the scuffs in with black marker as to create the illusion they are not due for a throw out. After browsing the ASOS sale I stumbled across not one but TWO pairs I fell in love with instantly. One pair was just a clompy pair of Chelsea boots that are just divine and big like all my features, size 7 anyone? And the other hit all kinds of gross levels that satisfied my need for ridiculous clothing. 

Now I usually steer clear of snake skin anything as I find it not the good kind gross, I could bear this on these boots as it was only minimal. The sole is cleated, complete with unnecessary chain detail at the front. Aces. What made the boots even more desirable is that they were only £17.50 from £50. Double aces.

Now i'm kinda of a giant anyway, and you know what I really like being long and lanky too. I like items of clothing even better when they accentuate my long and lankyness. So these boots add at least another 3-4 inches to my already 5''8 inches. When I was younger I always wanted to hit 6''. I wasn't very stoked when I turned 21 and I never made it to new realms of hieght. So ridiculous footwear will have to compensate for now to give me those extra inches. 

If you got to the end of this post, well done you ;)


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Reds True BBQ Leeds- Let There Be Meat!

So last week I decided it was time to start up my Bikini Body guide again after weeks of neglect and start being more strict with my diet, my standards had slipped and so had my physique. I needed a place to go for my ''last meal'' where I could truly indulge before cutting out the crap for a 21 day stint. [i'm on day 2 of nothing bad and already have the shakes due to sugar withdrawals.] 
After having a real craving since last time I went, Red's True BBQ in Leeds was the obvious choice. Jim and I were already going to Leeds as my work wardrobe needed a bit of a re-vamp, ta Primark. 

As soon as you walk in, the smell of food BBQ-ing hits you instantly, smokey and delicious. After pouring over the menu, I had a difficult time trying to choose what I wanted the most. I went with Pulled pork and slaw, which came with two ''humble sides'' or one ''divine side'' I went with mash potatoes and corn bread -oh Lord dat Mash creamy and perfect. The pork was slow cooked to perfection and literally melted in your mouth. As standard the tables have bottles of BBQ for you to choose to go with your selected meal. [More BBQ with your BBQ anyone?] Seriously though you can never have too much BBQ sauce. 

As we had gotten to Reds before 12pm Sunday, meaning there was a brunch menu so Jim opted for the Red's Classic Breakfast Burger consisting of burger, grilled cheese, black pudding, peppered bacon and a fried egg. Safe to say he was in absolute heaven. This also came with a side of skin on fries. I didn't try any of Jim's as I'm not a lover of black pudding. . . . The food was served on trays in metal dishes making me feel I was camped out on a ranch somewhere in Texas [minus the bugs] everything about the food and down to the presentation was amazing. The staff are super friendly and helpful creating an enjoyable atmosphere. There was a lot of families dining at Reds, they even have special meals to accommodate appetites of your little people. We left Reds bellies full and tastebuds satisfied, if only my protein shakes had the same effect. . . .

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