Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Heat Waves and sunny days makes for a happy Jess.

Blogging mid-week? Well this is new for me. I've come home from work, completed all domestic duties including making butternut squash soup [which I made from scratch I proudly may add] for Jim and I. I'm feeing super accomplished and it's only 19.27pm. I'm usually walking home from over time at this point. Not today not in this heat. Work STILL hasn't got the air con fitted the office becomes quite unbearable, we all have these mini desk fan things that just spin around warm air probably doing more damage then good. . . . Anyway I thought I would make use of this rare spare time on a weeknight and check in on the bloggersphere [still no idea what's going on here] I just like to ramble and post and show people my clothes. I've never blogged so regular in the few short months I started this blog. 

As mentioned in my previous post festival season is apon us [my absolute fave ^_^] and clothes are becoming more fun. Leeds Fest is just around the corner and i'm already planning/wondering what to wear. This year we're only doing 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. Friday is absolutely dire and with the connivence of my auntie literally living like a 5 minuet taxi ride away from the event we have somewhere warm and most importantly dry to stay so we can head back each day. Since 2007 i've been going to Leeds Fest and i've always gone back to my aunties if I was camping for a shower and a bacon sandwich presented on arrival ha! She's a good 'un for putting up with me coming back all muddy and bedraggled so I can clean up ready for the rest of the weekend. I really would not be able to cope if I was denied a shower, most people would argue thats part of the experince blah blah but i'm really not down with walking around covered in mud/cow faeces [it is Yorkshire we put it everywhere] Thursday to Monday ta. 

Now i'm feeling a bit more body confident thanks to my Kayla guide an recently starting protein world, I have dropped weight quickly and started to see my body changing and becoming more toned and strong. I'm not so scared to wear crop tops any more after shifting a bit of weight. If I can maintain this new stronger body and the weather stays this beautiful I'll be living in my collection of crops most of this summer. As promised my Regal Rose pieces have made another appreance. Hair rings are my new favourite hair accessories, i'll be sure to up my collection so I can keep adding more to my hair and a festival must have for myself. Same with the crescent moon circult. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be worn on your forehead but as I like to opt for a silly micro fringe it doesn't sit quite right, so i've had to place it just at the start of my fringe works for me ^_^ 

Crop Topshop// Pants River Island//Shoes Topshop

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  1. I need those pants in my life 😍 love the outfit

    1. Hahaa thank you I love them! I got them in a river island sale about 2 years ago for a tenner ^_^ xx

  2. You look good! I'm starting my journey to weight loss. Hooefully it would be a nice one. :) Good job.

    1. Thank you my lovely, i've overindulged a lil bit lately ha so not as trim as I would like to be! x


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