Tuesday, 28 July 2015

And we're back

You may or may not be aware I encountered a technical hiccup last week, depending if you follow me on twitter it's pretty much all i've spoken about. My poor beloved white plastic Mac [yup it was that old] gave out on me last week, R.I.P. I bought it when I was 19, when my auntie won the lottery and gave everyone in our family some of her winnings. I was super shocked to receive it. It came in really handy, i'd just moved out so helped out to pay for my bond furniture etc that kind of thing. I'd also been saving up for a new laptop as the one I had been using was literally from the pre-historic times and I really really needed to upgrade. So with some of the cash I also decided to splash out and get a MacBook after i'd been eyeing them up and lusting over FOREVER and never thought i'd be able to in my wildest dreams ever be able to afford one. After nearly 7 years on it had started to slow down severally and crashed a lot. Uploading a blog post was so painful! Finally the battery gave out and wouldn't hold charge. I looked up to see how much taking it in for a system dyonostic would be and to have the battery replaced, pricey! In the end it seemed more worth it to admit defeat and get a new one.

It's ok as the crisis has been adverted and I was able to bring home a shiny new one on Saturday ready for the many blog posts I have prepped up. I still need to get all my old files and pictures from my old one onto this one. I still have my London photo diaries to finish off and I need to send across some pictures and information on my trip down south for a monthly feature on creepygirltravels.com exciting. More exciting though is obviously being able to show what I got in London ;)

One of the places I always make sure I visit when in London is Forever 21, I came across it when I was in America for a few months and fell in love. I'll go more into that on my London haul post. I managed to to squeeze in a blog shoot whilst out in York Saturday, where i'm wearing a cropped knitted black top from F21. I'd been after something similar to this for ages and managed to find one at a reasonable price in store. Teamed with my tartan pants I got from Ark the beginning of this year this has become one of my favourite outfits at the moment. I have worn it out to lunch when I had a catch up with the girls and casually though the day. I've said before high waisted items are a girls best friend, I know they're certainly mine. My hairs also at that awkward stage where I am trying to grow my layers out so my hair is all one length so i'm pretty much everyday doing the half hair up bun thanggg until it's all grown out. 

Shoes Ark|Trousers Ark| Top Forever 21



  1. You look absolutely fabulous, and you make it look so easy, effortless glam! I love those trousers, they are amazing, I am looking for a good pair of trousers like that so I am going to have a look around.

    Love, Amie <3

    1. Aww thank you so much! I literally LIVE in them, they're currently in the sale on Arks website or you could try love too true they have amazing tartan pieces! x

  2. Love everything you're wearing, head to toe.

    1. Thank you beautiful, I love love wearing this outfit! x


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