Thursday, 30 July 2015

I feel you in these walls

Lately i've been cheating on Paramore with Pvris. A LOT. [Sorry Hayley, you'll always be my queen bee] I've literally had their album playing since I went to Slam dunk in May. My lovely friend Pip loves Pvris and really wanted to see them so we all stuck around to watch and well since then i've just had ''St. Patrick'' and ''Holy'' stuck in my head. Totally get the hype now.

Sooooo random opener aside I have had a manic work week, can't believe it's Thursday already! I work for a company that funds learning courses and my role is to get these learners passed and achieved by their deadline dates, to help and support them though it, we all get allocated contracts usually over a thousand people to manage, well as you can imagine it gets a little hectic. This time of year stress levels are at an all time high for everyone in the office. I feel my stomach churning with stress I swear i'm developing stomach ulcers and the complexion of a pubescent 15 year old, I'VE DONE MY TIME LEAVE MY SKIN BE. Deadline date is tomorrow, the academic year is ending and the race is on to close these contracts. Stress aside there is a such of adrenaline though the office as we are smashing targets and watching the learners drop and contracts close one by one. You do get a huge sense of achievement and ''I did that'' feeling after it comes off. All of the feelz.

As usual I spent my Saturday morning doing overtime, need to grab all that dollar dolla when while I can yo. It's about a forty minuet walk to work one way and theres this cute little route you can go down by the canal that makes the commute not so bad. I thought I would do a blog shoot on the way home, kill 2 birds with one stone. The weather was in my favour that day and I think my photographer [James ;)] did all right! I'm currently wearing this top TO DEATH. It's another item I snagged in my Forever 21 haul from when I was in London. The top is so incredibly soft and flattering, I love how at the front it seems like a normal sized shirt then drops in the back- lovely! I teamed it with my Motel Moon and Stars skirt and my Docs, I have other footwear I swear I just really kinda like them a lot. . . .

I hope your week hasn't been as stressy as mine, if so hold on, it's almost Friday [*Insert sassy sunglasses wearing emoji dude*]  
I was gonna end this with ''Peace out'' and then I remembered I can't pull that off. . . . so it's a polite good bye from me, i'm off to go read in bed and cuddle my cat as James is currently MIA . I seem to have lost him to God Of War. 

Top Forever 21| Skirt Motel| Earrings Black moon| Armlet stall in Camden| 


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

And we're back

You may or may not be aware I encountered a technical hiccup last week, depending if you follow me on twitter it's pretty much all i've spoken about. My poor beloved white plastic Mac [yup it was that old] gave out on me last week, R.I.P. I bought it when I was 19, when my auntie won the lottery and gave everyone in our family some of her winnings. I was super shocked to receive it. It came in really handy, i'd just moved out so helped out to pay for my bond furniture etc that kind of thing. I'd also been saving up for a new laptop as the one I had been using was literally from the pre-historic times and I really really needed to upgrade. So with some of the cash I also decided to splash out and get a MacBook after i'd been eyeing them up and lusting over FOREVER and never thought i'd be able to in my wildest dreams ever be able to afford one. After nearly 7 years on it had started to slow down severally and crashed a lot. Uploading a blog post was so painful! Finally the battery gave out and wouldn't hold charge. I looked up to see how much taking it in for a system dyonostic would be and to have the battery replaced, pricey! In the end it seemed more worth it to admit defeat and get a new one.

It's ok as the crisis has been adverted and I was able to bring home a shiny new one on Saturday ready for the many blog posts I have prepped up. I still need to get all my old files and pictures from my old one onto this one. I still have my London photo diaries to finish off and I need to send across some pictures and information on my trip down south for a monthly feature on exciting. More exciting though is obviously being able to show what I got in London ;)

One of the places I always make sure I visit when in London is Forever 21, I came across it when I was in America for a few months and fell in love. I'll go more into that on my London haul post. I managed to to squeeze in a blog shoot whilst out in York Saturday, where i'm wearing a cropped knitted black top from F21. I'd been after something similar to this for ages and managed to find one at a reasonable price in store. Teamed with my tartan pants I got from Ark the beginning of this year this has become one of my favourite outfits at the moment. I have worn it out to lunch when I had a catch up with the girls and casually though the day. I've said before high waisted items are a girls best friend, I know they're certainly mine. My hairs also at that awkward stage where I am trying to grow my layers out so my hair is all one length so i'm pretty much everyday doing the half hair up bun thanggg until it's all grown out. 

Shoes Ark|Trousers Ark| Top Forever 21


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Sunday Vibes

I love Sundays. Sunday's are my day. Recently in a bid to get as much overtime in as possible, I have been going into work on a Saturday morning also. Only for four hours but it has meant getting up and being at work for 8am. That's six days of early rises and no sleep ins. Nightmare. Around Thursday I start to become delirious though lack of sleep i'm a treat for James. So what I like to do on a Sunday is absolutely nothing at all. Nada nothing no. We usually have friends over the night before for drinks which always leads to me nursing some sort of a hang over. I wake up dead late, Jim usually brings me home a Subway and treats as he's an absolute super star. I get up have a bath put on fresh jammies and well I er get back into bed. I binge watch anime series, SATC or American Dad with Jim and stuff my face mebs post a blog or prep one up. Perfect. I leave all the house work to the last possible minute do it and then get back into bed. Do you see my pattern here? My Week days are so Jam packed I just like to do nothing re-chanrge and wait for the hectic week to start all over again. This girl can sleep if you let her. BRB off to have my 7th nap of the day.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

10 things only cat owners will get

It's become quite an Internet thing to become a self confessed cat lady. I myself am no exception- I go practically goo-goo over little whiskers and fluffy paws. My cat Cassie is my pride and joy, my fluffy number one, she has James [even though he would never admit it] wrapped round her littlest claw I freaking love her ok? Regardless of her little cat "hacks"

1) Wanting whatever you're eating/drinking knowing they won't like it. If you're having it they've got to have it too. It's time to come to terms that you have to share everything with your fluffy pal, however once you offer what it is you're eating, it no longer becomes desirable and they no longer care for it. 

2) Like your privacy? Well wave bye bye to it and say hello to your new fluffy shadow. Nowhere is safe not even the bathroom. 

3) Cat hair gets EVERYWHERE. You can clean and vac and tidy up as much as you want. Clean the sides down wash up thoroughly, you're still going to find at least 3 cat hairs in your sandwich you made for work. . . . 

4) Answering your cats meaows. With "OMG you're totes joking? Then what happened?" you sound like a mad woman but you still find yourself speaking to your cat with full blown conversation leaving the cat thinking that you're and absolute moron. I tell Cassandra "bless you" when she sneezes. 

5) Early wake up calls, seriously 5am is not a good time to have tummy tickles or to play outside stop pawing me in the face and GO BACK TO SLEEP. 

6) Taking up all the bed and not having the heart to move your sleeping purr bag, instead you find yourself moulding around your cats shape as not to disturb their kitty slumber like some sort of contourtist. 

7) Spontaneous moments of madness usually just before you're about to go to bed seems to be the perfect time for them to get all the energy and run from one end of the house to the other at full speed.

8) Using your bag as a litter tray. Not cool Cassandra not cool. 64784792883 bags later I've found out the hard way to put any bag I'm using away when I'm done. 

9) Oh you're reading? Wait let me come over and rub my face all over your book making it impossible for you to continue. 

10) It is every cats duty to be as annoying as possible while being competly endearing at the same time. Cassie has definitely mastered the art of this. 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

When was the last time you backed up your data?

So I hope everyone is familiar with SATC.  It's my go to show, have something on in the background whilst doing something. Or just to stick on as I don't really watch TV. It just kinda sits in my living room collecting dust. I didn't have a TV for the best part of last year, and Everytime someone came over it looked liked I'd been robbed. Once James moved in it was one of the first things we bought together [communal aww plz] anyway back to the point/reference I'm
Making. I'm Having a total Carrie moment/nightmare where her Mac just gives out on her, she takes it to be serviced and the guys all like when did you last back up? Erm I don't back up like ever. Stupid stupid. I have had my Mac for a little over 6 years now, and it has 6 years of my life on it. There is literally THOUSANDS Of photos on it that I will be completely gutted if I loose. All my pictures when I went traveling for a year back when I was 19 and the first year of mine and James relationship, hang outs with friends and adventures just anything else I like to document. Pictures are important to me. I like to capture a happy moment, so I can look back and remember it for ever and the feeling I had at that point. 

Sod's law init? As soon as you get a good flow of something, another thing swoops over and it's like nah pal it's time for the hurdles. I have so many blog posts in the pipeline, the next 2 instalments on my London diary, outfits posts and a company has sent me a product to review. Something I'm very excited about, a lovely lady wants me to feature me on her travel site and do a piece on me [I was so unbelievably flattered/thrilled when she asked. ] but I can't access any of my pictures so that's currently on hold.

After ringing Apple help, I was advised to to bring my Mac to be serviced and perhaps have the battery replaced. Sounds expensive. Sounds like I can't afford it. Here's hoping I haven't lost everything and this will be a hard lesson learnt in backing up. It's gonna be a little low key around here until this technical issue is resolved :/


Tuesday, 14 July 2015


You ready? This is going to be a biggie' like you may as well grab yourself a cup of tea some sort of beverage and 7 packets of biscuits and make sure you're comfy if you wanna wade though this thang. I'm not even sure i'l be able to complete this post by the end of tonight. I'm so beat I feel like James is going to find me slumped over my Mac in a sleep deprived slumber mid bad joke on my post. You've been warned pals.

SO. If you follow myself on Twitter/Instagram  [If not how come man? Everyone loves a shameless plug ;)] You will know i've been banging on about this trip down south pretty much since we booked it. And oh man did I enjoy it. With our trip starting with a nice and early alarm at 4.00am [which I did not enjoy] our Taxi arrived at 5.00am ready to take the three of us down to York so we could catch our Megabus. Arriving a little early we decided to grab a drink and chill out in the waiting room at the train sation. Morning entertainment was provided by a vocal man complete with JLS hoodie asking us to lend him 17p then preceding to tell us he was going to have a banana. After said banana was consumed the gentleman then started shouting about doughnuts and the number 41. Our cue to exit and head to the coach stop. James is still purplexed about where he managed to get his hands a JLS hoodie. 

You know what the mega bus isn't really that bad it's how we always travel to London, just under half of your journey is on a coach, the rest by train and for 26 quid for a return journey you can't really grumble. We arrived in London at around 11.15am check in at the hotel wasn't until 3pm so we had some time to kill before heading over and checking in. We decided to visit the the Natural History Museum, we'd promised to take James's brother Lewis as he's never ever been to London before. London was so so hot that day. Waiting in line to get into the museum I could feel more poor skin baking away, life of a paley. I think the reason most people visit the museum and why it is so so popular is the awesome dino collection. My fave part of the museum is the entrance hall, you're greeted by a huge diplodocus skeleton cast named ''Dippy'' in this beautifully put together gigantic room.  I could stare at the wooden staircases with intricate carvings and stain glass windows all day. A beautiful building filled with weird and wonderful things. I've read online that their is talk about retiring Dippy and replacing it with the huge Blue whale skeleton instead. visits just won't be the same!

A few hours into our visit, our feet hurting and fatigue starting to creep in on us, we decided it would be best to grab some food and hop on a tube and find the hotel. [BTW Oyster cards, why have I never bothered to get one before this trip? GENIUS!] Where our Travelodge was situated was THEE Ghetto.  James kept shooting me looks that said where have you brought us Jess? Whoops. . . . Like I was afraid to get my phone out just incase it was snatched away from me by a toddler on their big wheel. Thankfully their was a Massive Asda [and a ''Sam 99p'' please see below picture] situated right next to the hotel so we stocked up on snacks and liquids to see us through the hot hot night. Because we are old and had been up since 4.00am walked 228896376 miles and had mild heat stoke, we called it a night pretty early and decided to get some rest before another early morning before Hyper Japan. Now I was going to create one huge huge post that covered the whole weekend but I think that's enough of my rambles for now. I'll probably make this a 3 parter as to not bore you too much. For now enjoy far too many pictures, I am most definitely the definition of snap happy, poor Lewis found out the hard way. 


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Heat Waves and sunny days makes for a happy Jess.

Blogging mid-week? Well this is new for me. I've come home from work, completed all domestic duties including making butternut squash soup [which I made from scratch I proudly may add] for Jim and I. I'm feeing super accomplished and it's only 19.27pm. I'm usually walking home from over time at this point. Not today not in this heat. Work STILL hasn't got the air con fitted the office becomes quite unbearable, we all have these mini desk fan things that just spin around warm air probably doing more damage then good. . . . Anyway I thought I would make use of this rare spare time on a weeknight and check in on the bloggersphere [still no idea what's going on here] I just like to ramble and post and show people my clothes. I've never blogged so regular in the few short months I started this blog. 

As mentioned in my previous post festival season is apon us [my absolute fave ^_^] and clothes are becoming more fun. Leeds Fest is just around the corner and i'm already planning/wondering what to wear. This year we're only doing 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. Friday is absolutely dire and with the connivence of my auntie literally living like a 5 minuet taxi ride away from the event we have somewhere warm and most importantly dry to stay so we can head back each day. Since 2007 i've been going to Leeds Fest and i've always gone back to my aunties if I was camping for a shower and a bacon sandwich presented on arrival ha! She's a good 'un for putting up with me coming back all muddy and bedraggled so I can clean up ready for the rest of the weekend. I really would not be able to cope if I was denied a shower, most people would argue thats part of the experince blah blah but i'm really not down with walking around covered in mud/cow faeces [it is Yorkshire we put it everywhere] Thursday to Monday ta. 

Now i'm feeling a bit more body confident thanks to my Kayla guide an recently starting protein world, I have dropped weight quickly and started to see my body changing and becoming more toned and strong. I'm not so scared to wear crop tops any more after shifting a bit of weight. If I can maintain this new stronger body and the weather stays this beautiful I'll be living in my collection of crops most of this summer. As promised my Regal Rose pieces have made another appreance. Hair rings are my new favourite hair accessories, i'll be sure to up my collection so I can keep adding more to my hair and a festival must have for myself. Same with the crescent moon circult. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be worn on your forehead but as I like to opt for a silly micro fringe it doesn't sit quite right, so i've had to place it just at the start of my fringe works for me ^_^ 

Crop Topshop// Pants River Island//Shoes Topshop

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