Monday, 29 June 2015

New Moon,Total Eclipse

What's this? Blogging two consecutive days in a row? You're lucky if I post once a week never mind two ;) [using the word lucky loosely here guys.] 
It's a Monday morning I'm in bed next to a dormant James that won't be awakening for a another good 2-3 hours -no seriously. No work for me today as James is visiting the dentist and needs to be escorted home as he is being sedated hahaa! Kinda like Miranda after her eye surgery on SATC where Steve has to take her home but she's all like ''bitch I don't need no man, I'ma successful lawyer in NYC mother tucker. I can do dis!!!'' Could be paraphrasing there who knows. Anyway i'm not at work and I thought i'd use this time to have a look through some old pictures for blog posts that didn't quite cut it when they were first taken. You see James and I decided it would be nice to go out for a bit a fancy date night steak night meal and I thought it would be a good opportunity to 1) wear my new Motel dress [all the love for you and your moon prints give me it all] and 2) show off said dress in a new post. See the problem was I had done overtime that Saturday and needed a nap, I am 25 now and getting sleep is important and naps become high priority and required if you're going to be staying out past 10pm. It always starts off as a good idea, oh i'll just have an hours kip and i'll wake up refreshed and ready to stay up maybe up until 12 am who knows? But no I wake up grumpy and hating life and anything near me IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME AND I NEVER LEARN. After nap depression is a real thing google it me and my friend Charlotte complain about it to each other all the time. She likes naps too.

So getting ready puffy eyed and needing another 1393 years sleep I still hated everything. The only thing that didn't make me throw my teddy out of the pram further and request we order pizza was the promise of steak and a handsome man to stare at. I proceeded to get ready, such toil much issues very first world. You know what I had a lovely night like I always do and the meal was amazing, I still dream of the steak and the rice it was served with
. Mental note, must go back to Olive and Grill and get more rice to satisfy cravings. Perhaps even find out what it was. 

Dress Motel Rocks//Shoes Ark//Bag eBay originally River Island// Hat h&m


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Regal Rose

Just going to put it out there right now, I love Regal Rose.

I think I have found a company that sells the most perfect pieces EVER. There is something that makes this company stand out from all the jewellery pages that are popping up at the moment - Well for me anyway.  Looking through Instagram one boring mid-week night I came across their page. I fell in love instantly with their gorgeous range and knew my bank balance was about to hate me. As a payday treat and browsing the webpage quite thoroughly, looking at their hair pieces, necklaces and chokers. Lusting after their septum's, my God their septum's are just spot on. knowing that 1) If I bought a Septum and changed mine work would loose their shit and 2) I haven't changed my septum in the 5 years i've had it and would be petrified of not being able to put a ring back in I decided to pick up the Luna circlet.  All the Sailor Moon vibes and feelz. I love festival season and the fashions/styles and I think that's what drew me to this company. It's very experimental/bohemian/fun. I think people forget about their hair and what they can do with it. I don't mean by colouring and styling, I am terrible at both hence why my hair has stayed the same for bout 2 and a half years. I like to decorate mine and make it fun. I started out by wearing brightly coloured feathers to radiate those festival vibes all year round, but I'm always looking for new things to attach to my hair. Thank you RR for introducing me to hair rings, I only picked up a couple for the time being but i'm sure after time and experimentation it will become something as permanent to me as my hair feathers. Once I placed my order on Thursday, it arrived quickly and was with me by Saturday morning super speedy! I'm so impressed I just had to share the quality of the products and my experience with them. One happy customer that will definitely be going back again and again and again. 
I currently have my eye on ALL the Hannah Snowdon drop. I urge you to go now and shop!
[Spontaneous rhyming.] 

Quick little experimental picture at the bottom thank you lighting for ageing my hair wah, both my new items will be featuring in many outfit post i'm sure this festival season ^_^


Saturday, 20 June 2015

Great British what?

OMG the weather. June is nearly done and I haven't seen even a glimmer of summer. Not even a promise nada NOTHING. Just muggy days and rain induced big hair. Festival season my absolute favourite season is coming up and I'm really hoping for good weather and not a complete wash out like all the previous years. Meaning waterproofs, Docs and all the crop tops.

James and I are going to Japan in October [Have I mentioned that already ;)?] and since booking it at the beginning of the year we came to terms with the fact we would have to sacrifice a few things in order to save cash up for our 2 week trip, knowing it would be completely worth it. A big chunk of our wages being put away each month meant we knew we wouldn't be able to go to London as many times as we wanted like last year, pass up on gigs and the thing i'd find the hardest to give up: Leeds fest. I've been going every year since 2007 barring 2009 when I went travelling for a year I was finding it hard coming to terms with the fact I couldn't go this year. Once the first few bands were announced I wasn't so fussed I mean Mumford and and Sons, Catfish and the Bottlmen weren't exactly selling it for me or James making the blow easier.  Once they started announcing more bands later on it became oh so more applealing. I mean I cried a little bit when I saw BabyMetal had been confirmed, you only get it if you get it.

After careful money planning and myself repeatedly like a child whining ''can we go James please can we go, it's BABYMETAL.'' ''OMG plzzzz.'' We decided we could afford to juggle 2 days at Leeds without sacrificing any of our precious dolla for Japan. Yey! I've been working my absolute butt off at work, grabbing any over time I can and walking around in a constant tired state falling asleep before 8.30pm on the sofa neglecting my poor boy. I've been putting my clothes on eBay and making a fair bit each go. I do have a lot of clothes. . . . we've even managed to squeeze in a weekend to London for Hyper Japan festival for just over £100 too ^_^ Hard work pays off, makes you tired and requires early bed times but I have lots of things to daydream about while at my 9-5.

P.S I think i've found my new fave place to take photos ^_^ I freaking love this ribbed cropp. The best £4 I have ever spent in Primark, i'll probably have it attached to me the 2 day i'm at Leeds. Same goes for these Tartan pants I practically live in them when it's too cold for dresses, also Primark. I'm not really a fan of jeans any more, gone are the days when I used to wear super skinny spray on jeans to level up on emo status. It's all about comfort and accepting there are more options out there then mega uncomfortable cirulation limiting jeans.

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

All that Monochrome

Today's a bit grim isn't it? Beautiful warm days all week [so warm I even ventured outside with BARE legs for the first time this year] whilst having to be stuck inside a sweat box at work. To a weekend fulla rain. Oh so typical. Oh so Bristish. All the feels for you guys at Download this weekend. 
Thursday was one of the said beautiful days, I thought I would take advantage of the bright weather and the fact I was in York for a blog shoot, perfect time to show off my new dungarees.

I had wanted some black short dungarees for ages but couldn't find a pair quite right. I happened to be browsing H&M's site and my search was finally over. Now H&M is literally the worst place to order from online. This experience was no execption. Firstly, H&M stopped my order as they claimed I hadn't paid my balance off, once checking my account I could see I was in credit by £6. Contacting them they apologised but added an extra week wait time for my parcel. Nightmare.
When my delivery finally came I pulled the dungarees out of my parcel excited I noticed they were very very very small. Like really small. I am quite tall 5''8 and looking at how small the item was I knew they would be in no way big enough for my body. I couldn't even get them over my hips. I am a size 10 always have been in most places I shop. These were by no means a 10. I held them up to a few pairs of jeans I have to compare, and they were about an inch smaller. Annoyed I had to send them back and return for a bigger size. Another 2 weeks wait they were finally mine, a size 12 and still a bit tight. I am in no way embarrassed to size up but this was getting stupid. 

I emailed the company, they advised that they do not do ''vanity sizes'' whatever that means, i've googled it and still have no clue and they have been using the same standard measurements since 2005. Regardless, they ain't a 10 pal. They fed some BS like they take cusomer comments in regards to size very seriously and they have been logged blah blah. Hassle form start to finish and my dungarees still don't fit right. Pain in the arse H&M. 
Does anyone else have the same issue whilst shopping at H&M? 

Dungarees H&M £19.99

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Morning Pastries & mid week days off.

This is kind of a mix up post more than purely an outfit post. I prefer to do more personal posts then just what i'm wearing. [How many times can Jess fit the word post in an opening sentence?. . . Post. . . .] I have a lot of content so this may get a bit rambley. Lets face it whenever is it not?

Anyway back to the post heh. I had a very very earlier morning appointment in York today which meant a day off work for me today yey! It was kinda on the outskirts and being a public transport depender not so convenient to get to by bus. All good though because papa Ayton came to the rescue and dropped Jim and I where I needed to be. Slightly late [I hate hate hate being late, if anything I like to be quite early to things] I only spent just under an hour there and the rest of the sunny day was left for James and I to enjoy. Side note, James comes everywhere with me ha!

We stolled back into York and headed over to a little cafe I had passed a few times and always wanted to go check out called "The hungry Artist.'' James always finds the name amusing. 
Pastries consumed and feeling like I had spent the morning in a Parisian cafe on a sunny day was just lovely. We noticed on the wall a flyer for free screen printing lessons every Tuesday which we most certainly will be taking advantage of next week. I used to love doing screen printing in college so having a brush up lesson will be right up my street. 

Now a trip to York wouldn't be complete without a trip to my favourite shop down Fossgate gate. I love browsing though this cute little nick nack type shop that just sells the most loveliest things [and has the biggest range of Moomin paraphernalia I have seen in one place. Bonus points to you Give A Dog A Bone.] York really is full of cute independent shops waiting to be discovered.

Lusting after many a thing I can't afford I had worked up quite an appetite, my friend Charlotte had recommended ''Ed's diner'' at the outlet so we decided to check it out knowing it would be right up James street. I'm not really a burger kinda girl unless its like a double cheese from Maccies [If you're gonna do it, you do it dirty yeah?] Carefully opting for a pulled pork sub the potions sizes were ridic obviously ended up giving half of mine to James as he effortlessly cleaned his plate minuets before. I want to know where on earth he puts it all, I so much as look at piece of cake and i'm exercising it off for 2 and a half weeks. Doesn't stop me reaching for the cake mind. 

The outlet is kinda dire for shopping. There are literally a handful of shops that interest me. The cosmetic company has a limited range of MAC products, sometimes you can score a decent Lipstick for a tenner if you're lucky. Most of the time it's the last stock of poo brown that are less than desirable and have been sat on the same shelf since the store opened. The Lindtt store obviously for sugar addiction reasons and the Vans store. If I am not at work I am in my Vans 99.9% of the time. They are my go to  footwear of choice since I was about 15. [TEN YEARS AGO WHAT WAIT WHY AM I TWENTY FIVE ALREADY?!] Still hurts. 
Seeing as my current pair I have had longer then I care to admit now with new toe hole poking through at the top, I reluctantly decided it was time to say bye bye to my battered all shoes and purchase a new pair toe hole free. We have a friend that works at the store who very kindly gave an extra 30% off meaning the shoes only cost me £21, also meaning I only had £21 to put back into my savings next month. It's all about who you know obviously. 

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Reinvention and life make overs.

I've had a very strange 2 weeks. I've struggled quite a bit and felt like i've been existing rather then living. Going though the motions of daily life routines, becoming a bit of a push over. 

This week I had had enough, I stepped back picked out the aspects of my life I am not happy with and I have started to make changes. I have cut out things/people that were no good for me. I can't go into details as of yet unfortunately these changes must be made privately. The slight changes I have made so far are giving me back some control and I'm so happy to be regaining it.

Firstly I worked on myself as you may have read in previous posts I started to exercise again using a plan I bought around Easter time that I couldn't recommend enough. I started using shakes and instead of holding back tears every time I got undressed or got out of the the shower, I was starting not to mind so much what I saw. I have around 10 lbs to go before I reach my target and I feel confident i'll get there soon with the hard work and dedication to good eating.

Next year James and I have been toying with the idea of moving to Leeds. It would be great living back in my home town after being plucked from there 10 years ago and brought to Selby. My sister moved to Swindon around 4 years ago and my mum to New Zealand coming up to 2 years leaving me the last one of my family left in Selby. Where strapped for things to do here in this dull little town where as in Leeds we could experience the night life, check out gigs on a week day, stroll around discovering new bits of the city. Try as many eateries as we want catch a film all with the luxury of being on our doorstep. If I had my way i'd have new beginnings in London, but Leeds will do for now. Never say never right? The only downside would be not conveniently being able to stop by and see my friends as and when I wanted to like I can now. 

With a city move, must also come a new job. Which I think is the thing I may be most excited about, once I get the ball rolling and under control on all other aspects. A job that isn't just a job, my career. Something I can build up to and climb my way right to the very top. I plan to reinvent myself and change my look. I want to be taken seriously and unfortunately I feel their is a lot of discrimination out there towards people that break from the mould. I'm going to find the right balance of myself with a mix of presenting myself so I am taken seriously in what I peruse. Watch this space, I won't be stopping until I get what I want I'm starting to find my spark again. 

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