Sunday, 31 May 2015


I'm having a break from the Internet I think. 
Majority of social media is poisoned. 
Blogging is fun, putting together outfits are fun, not concentrating on real life that's no fun.
I'm going to stick to the platforms I can control and not feel so exposed.
Perhaps I'll come back, I have real life I need to focus on. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Working to better myself

So for about 6 weeks now I've been completing the Kayla Intsines 12 week bikini body guide. I have always been hung up on my body image. A few years ago I found I have put on more pounds then I cared for. I have always been naturally slim but for some reason I seemed to be more "soft" then I wanted. I decided to take action, I joined a gym and ran off nearly 39lbs. I was so happy when I reached 125lbs, body confidence is such a great thing and after a hard slog I found mine. 

Last Febuary I had a job change, I went from being on my feet all day at a busy super market running around for 10+ hours to a 9-5 sat at a desk. I found at my office job it was always someone's birthday meaning cake galore, biscuits chocolate you name it it was thrown at you. I also found sat at a desk I wanted to just eat.all.the.time. Before I knew it I was at 137lbs, I'd piled on nearly a stone since the year before and my body confidence gone. 

I'd been watching Kaylas Instagram for a while, watching people's progress and transformations. I thought I'd give it a shot. The guide consists of 4 weeks pre-training of 3 nights a weeks of 2 circuits done twice over as many times as you can in 7 minuets. Then low intensity cardio the other days, so for example 40 minuets of running.  In the past 6 weeks I've noticed some difference. My stomachs not as bloated, I'm starting to tone up and feel stronger. I guess slowly my body confidence is coming back. I've recently just bought protein worlds "slender blend" which I'm so excited to try alongside the work outs I've been doing. I have my up and down days where I can flit from loving what I see in the mirror to absolute self loathing. I guess that's something else I have to work on. I need to learn to cut the sugary stuff, I have one serious sweet tooth. I'm hoping at the end of all this I'll have a body I'm proud of again and my body confidence back.

                Week 0 vs week 1


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I gave into the hype

So I did something very shameful and very hard for myself to admit. I gave into the hype of a product. Ever the skeptic with a "yeah right" attitude to products that offer "flawless skin" "crazy hair growth" or "super fast weight loss" ESPECIALLY when products are heavily endorsed by celebraties it's a big fat no from me. BUT with this product I'd watched for a while and read up about. The reviews seemed to boast quick results and your mouth feeling gorgeously clean I took the plunge and thought Id give it a short. 

At first squeezing the contents of the cocowhite sachet into my mouth felt really alien and I had to fight the urge and stop myself gipping. It kind of felt like swiling vasaline around my mouth. Grim. After swiling for 15 [which is surprisingly hard] my mouth didn't feel lovely and fresh, more greasy and strange. 

Now I don't drink coffee [ew] hardly have fizzy drinks, I don't really eat/drink things that would usually strain people's teeth so my teeth to start are relatively stain free. I have been using this stuff for nearly 2 weeks now and I haven't seen any difference. I feel like I'm spitting away £20 for nada. I guess if I'm waiting Hollywood style pearly whites I'll have to spend a little more then £20 a month to achieve the results I want. Shame as I was excited to try out this product. Verdict; don't waste your cash pals on a hyped up mouthwash. 


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Stop stalling, make a name for yourself.

I fear this post may be ramble-y. I have the beginnings of a head cold that's had me dosing up on flu capsules, orange juice and antihistamines for good measure all day. I'm so delirious with it I even agreed to do overtime this coming Saturday -keep thinking of the extra cash for Japan, Jess. I half-heartedly did my work-out guide, nearly passing out as I'm finding it difficult to breathe due to blocked sinuses and now I'm in bed waiting for James to bring up my tea as I'm being all pathetic and feeling sorry for myself. He's a good 'un.

It was James' birthday yesterday - *HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES* - my boy was 25, even though he is still trying to pull 19, [that beard ain't fooling no one bebe]. We started the day off by skype-ing James' family in Cheshire in the morning while he opened his presents. We had just visited for the weekend just gone as it had been James' mum's birthday too, we went for a meal and had a nice break away from Selby, Gaynor and I had a mini craft afternoon and she showed me how to make dream-catchers. So cute ^_^ Had chats about all things arty and inspired me to get onto a photography course, something I'd been contemplating for a bit now. After present-opening was done we had breakfast and then decided to have a cheap and cheerful day out in York [again] have a stroll around and get food.

The weather deceived me a bit when I looked out of my window, the sky had started to clear up and I could see blue trying to fight it's way through the never-ending grey clouds. I took a risk and decided to wear my high-waisted checked skirt from ARK and teamed it with an old Paramore Tshirt and my creepers. I really do love my tartan skirt but it just seems to STICK IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES. I feel like it makes me look like I have a permanent food baby, and not great when you're going to and all-you-can-eat and have 3 plates of Chinese. Whoops. Now I would have been fine if it wasn't for the unforgiving wind. Brutal chillzz. I've been wearing my denim jacket a lot and it's annoying it's ever so slightly cropped. I don't know if this is the cut of the jacket or if my long body has made yet another item of clothing come up short on me. Probably the latter. Tall girls probs. I still need to add more patches/fabric/pins and DIY it up. so I can walk around pretending I'm all punk and stuff.

Skirt ARK//T shirt Paramore webstore//Denim Jacket Newlook//Bag Topshop/Jacket Primark

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Not to sound overly materialistic BUT I think I may have fallen in love with a piece of clothing. I have been eyeing up too many things from the LoveTootrue website for some time now and I have never really made my mind up as to what I wanted to order first. I love the two pieces but as my tummy isn't where I want it to be yet I opted for one of the strappy dresses. Perfect for my Tshirt-under-the-dress-I-still-think-i'm-11-Phase. My sister very kindly offered to get me one for my birthday. After a few postal mishaps [Royal mail bane of my life] I finally had my very own handmade piece. I was so impressed by the quality and the fit I fell in love instantly. I couldn't wait to have an excuse to wear it, I know I will literally be wearing this to death. 

I thought I'd save my tartan beauty for bank holiday Monday when James and I decided to take the bus into York and have a look around the beautiful city. You kind of take for granted the places you live so this time I decided to really look and take it all in as usually its just a flying visit to do a bit of a shop and grab some Yo! Sushi. I had such a lovely day wandering round the shambles, 
-Harry Potter fun fact; J.K Rowling based Diagon alley on the shambles in York pretty cool.
getting some food and acting as a tourist in a city so close to home. As the weather was in our favour that day I thought it would be a great opportunity to shoot for my next blog post. I didn't feel as silly this time as I looked like one of the other tourists taking pictures. Well apart from when I spied a pretty mint-green door I wanted to take pictures with and the people that lived there wanted to get into their flat. Awks.

We spent the rest of the day just enjoying each other company kinda of like it was our very first date, in absolute stitches over silly things, browsing comic book stores and purchasing moomin biscuits and going home to have a nap and watch our new anime in bed. 

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Grey Britain

This morning I woke up to a sound I hate waking up to [barring work days or days without plans] a sound that means plans that had been made the previous day were now out of the question. THE RAIN. Destroyer of everything fun. I had planned it being a 3 day weekend I could shoot a few picture sets for my blog walk around town with my baby and just enjoy a break from work. No. Instead I have been cooped up inside the house since Friday evening and starting to get cabin fever. After my work out and house cleaning woo. We decided to brave it and dress as If it was the middle of October not the Start of May. 

Selbys kind of a dead little town, full of either cash for gold, cash converters that type of thing and charity shops not the good kind mind, Instead of unearthing some treasures, you getclothes stained with questionable marks. No thank you.  We did however head to a cute new place called the Treehouse for some food being on a permanent budget we could actually enjoy food out without feeling horribly guilty about it. James is happiest when he is eating see below. 

Tummies full and the rain subsided we had a look around various shops. I am so so skint this month I literally can't afford anything so I'm on a spending ban. I managered to find a eyeliner brush for £1. I've been after one for a while and have  no idea what consists on a food brush. 

Now while most people have probably been on a day sesh or are getting ready to head out. I'm now curled up work a good book and snacks. What have I become? 


Friday, 1 May 2015

Daisies for dayz

I'm in a unbelievably great mood today. No particular reason. Well actually it's a Friday night and it's a THREE DAY WEEKEND. [Sorry retail folk, i'll always feel your pain after spending 7 precious years of my life at Morrisons, paid my rent I guess] and i'm feeling a bit body posi which would put anyone in a great mood.
 Back to the purpose of the blog, Forever going off on a tangent STAY FOCUSED JESS. Never had a great attention span. 

We shot these pictures last Sunday when the day was bright in preparation for a mid week blog post, I did blog Tuesday just not the blog post I had intended so my lucky readers [ all 3] get 2 posts this week.

Now i've always loved a good daisy print have you? its just so cute! I bought these shorts last year from River Island as a kinda impulse buy, I love to shop hate trying stuff on. When I got them home I tried them on and I felt they were kinda unflattering the way they pouched out near your belly. Disgruntled that my ''everything high waisted is your best friend'' rule was out of the window they lived in my ''undesirable'' clothes draw ready to sell on either depop/eBay for about a year. I decided to give them a second shot last weekend as I felt a teeny bit ''trim'' after being 3 weeks into my guide and the pouching wasn't so bad [perhaps it was just my belly after all] So glad I didn't sell on to some 13 year old on depop offering my £2.70 including P+P [bane of my life man]

Enjoy a series of pictures of me looking awkward in grass that should of had a trim some time ago, i'm looking at you Selby council. The Last one in particular oh mannn. 

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