Tuesday, 28 April 2015

I'm Jess Hey

So I thought i'd actually introduce myself you know kinda get to know the girl behind the blog. [Such an unbelievably cheesy opening yeah yeah blugh.] ANYWAY my name is Jess, I'm currently nesting in this horrid little town outside of York called Selby North Yorkshire. I moved here when I was about 15 from Leeds [ Leeds 4 lyf] 
I am [oh God] TWENTYFIVE years old. So scary I still remember running around playgrounds way back when and now I'm supposed to have a job and pay things like rent and TV licences. 


*There not really that fun i'm kinda just building this up way too much.

1) Cats, oh lord how I love cats. It's kind of an internet thing to be a ''Self proclaimed cat lady'' or what ever but I can't get enough of the fluffy little purr bags. Have you seen MY cat? No well look below. Lady Cassandra Elderflower Marshall Ayton the first or Cassie for short, SHE HAS FREAKING HAIR THAT POKES OUT OF HER EARS. 

2) Ah my absolute love James. It's obnoxious really how much I think of my boy. I hated couples like me and James before I met him. Ever the synic. Yet I find myself doing the things that made me cringe about other couples BUT NOW I DON'T CARE. I've found a human that doesn't annoy me, we have matching interest, genuinely caring towards me AND he is B E A U T iful. Like wowzers how did I manage to snag you beaut?  See below picture of said beautiful man.

 again quite embarrassing how much I fangirl over Hayley Williams. I met her back in 07' and had to hold back tears, I told her I loved her [after pep talking myself not to do so] She signed my back back, smiled at my NFG patch and lifted up her top to ''show me something'' No no boobz just an NFG top. Still cool. I've followed them for 10 years now and I still get goosebumps over them. Hayleys also the person I base my style on, she's the reason behind my mini fringe. RIP bright hair, big work no no. Last April I got a tattoo as a little ode to them

4) I have mad love love for Japan. Every single element to that place I am just drawn to. It first started when I stumbled across Harajuku girls and my love just kind of grew from there. I was lucky enough to visit in 2009 on a 10 month trip across the globe. I'm going back in October this year AND I JUST CAN'T WAIT. 2 whole weeks in Tokyo to go exploring. I love watching anime series with Jim and studio Ghibli. [Japan] is actually quite a big thing in our relationship and what we first started bonding over.  LOL Nice hair Jess.

5) Harry Potter. Again something else me and James bonded over strongly. My Grandma used to buy me and all my cousins the books as soon as they came out every single time without fail. Cheers Brenda for fuelling my addiction and starting me off at a young age. For James Birthday last year I took us to the Harry Potter studio tour in Watford. FELLOW SLYTHERINS UNITE.

[Legit saw Voldy at the tour, the studios must of taken pity on him and gave him a job after his fall]


Sunday, 26 April 2015

Something really Eighties or something. . . .

Award for the most unimaginative blog post title goes to me again. After pondering for a little while as to what to title my blog post, James kept saying ''I don't know something really Eighties?'' He said it so much it kinda stuck, I know minimal stuff about the Eighties bands movies etc I couldn't even steal an iconic movie quote or song title. But anyway the main point of this post today is the Paisley dress. guesses as to where it's from? [No not Topshop ;)] Ark again, 99% of my wardrobe is Ark, I have been set a challenge by James not to buy anything from there for a month but we all know that's not going to happen anytime soon.

I stumbled across this when I was buying James something for his birthday next month and with 20% I just couldn't say no ;) [I should of really as its beans again for the rest of the month]. It kind of just found itself in my basket and before I knew it at my doorstep. Now i'm quite tall for a girl and most things I wear end up being a little on the short side, this however is kinda at the danger zone where I might start flashing people. I'd love to be able to wear it in summer with no tights etc but that could be a bit risky unless I put on some shorts underneath you know just in case and prevent myself from flashing my underwear/butt to the public. 

I kind of did my hair and put the denim jacket on as kinda of a joke to show James [What is the googley eyed pom pom anyway? I didn't know but also kinda felt I needed it.] he said all I needed now was to be chewing some gum rather obnoxiously and I looked like a 80's babysitter. I'm hoping to customise the denim jacket soon, scruff it up add badges/patches, studs gotta love some studs there what I guess every back then emo kids always going to be drawn to no matter their age. For now Its just reppin' a lone ISOS badge.

I wish I could also get the hang of not looking so awkward in pictures, i'm hopeless when it comes to ''poses'' and have no idea how to carry myself and my face always looks so meh. I also can't deal with an audience and my picture taking time is always cut short by someone walking up down the back alley of our house where most of the pictures are taken. Practice practice I guess. This is by no means a serious blog just a little online diary of outfits and ideas for my personal record. A little bit of fun :) if something comes of it, awesome if not then I guess it's no big deal.

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sunnydaze 2.0

Oh hey, I seemed to have been somewhat absent since my last blog post. Mostly due to being snowed under at work [I've nearly closed off my first ever contract go me ^_^] doing as much overtime as I can so I have some serious spends for my Japan trip in October Hai, and i've also started a new fitness guide as mentioned in my last post, i've had a lot on my plate. Plus the weather was GRIM thats right all caps it was that bad over Easter [what, crappy weather over bank holiday you say? That NEVER happens, said no one ever.] that I honestly couldn't muster the energy to leave my cosy house to take pictures, I wasn't feeling very inspired. I don't think wearing my Slytherin joggers and baggy band tee's would make a very good outfit post. 

As I have a 3 day weekend I thought I would put my time to good use and make a back log of photos so I don't have a mini hiatus again on my blog. The Sun always puts me in a great mood that and a freshly dyed mop, also feeling a bit more body posi after my first week worth of circuits I went to select one of my many pairs of high waisted shorts, which I believe are so flattering for anyone, they are totally a girls best friend and one of my many MANY crop tops. For a girl who doesn't have the best stomach to be showing off, I don't half have a vast collection of cropped tops, in 12 weeks time heres hoping i'll have a tummy to be proud of ^_^

It's great how freshly dyed hair, a bit of sun and some body positivity can do for your mood. I hope you all enjoy your weekends, i'm about to be truly British and enjoy our first BBQ of the year. Peace out.

Shorts £15 Topshop sale 2 years ago// Ribbed Crop Top £5 Primark// Micky Tights £2.50 Primark 3 years ago// Pumps £6 Primark

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Easter's over now boo hoo. I hope everyone had a lovely 4 day rest. Mine was mostly spent binge watching a new anime ''Parasyte'' and over indulging in Easter confectionary. I'm gonna do that stereotypical British thing where I mention the weather, so feel free to skim and skip this part. But seriously even if people don't like to admit it we do go a little cray when the sun shines and the skies change form that dull concrete gray that makes you think you're heads going to explode if you don't see some blue soon. Again in true British style I dug out my sunglasses, dusted them off and basked in all 16 degrees of the afternoon. Yey for weather double digets. Side note, in this picture I look like i'm checking for dog poo on my creeper, you'll be happy to know there wasn't any.

Yesterday I woke up to my courier knocking at my door [yes I say my courier as I have ordered so much stuff online over the years we are now on first name terms.] with Topshop goodies. Yes I like to bash Topshop, it's not their stuff [well sometimes] it's just the prices and that everyone ends up with the same thing. Smart advertising is the devil, whenever i'm on my Mac, theres pop ups for shops and these daisy jeans caught my eye instantly, I love me some daisies. So well done pop up you sucked me in and accomplished what you set out to achive. I am now poor poor eating noodles till next payday poor. 

Muffin top city. I have a vast collection of crop tops, i'm waiting to wake up with a perfect body from doing nothing so I can utilise them more. One can hope yeah? No? I did throw down the rest of my Easter egg and buy Kayla Insines 12 week programme after looking through some of these pictures. Just a flat tummy would be cool. I'm kinda excited to see the results once I get my head around it. Body confidence is something most people struggle with and I hands up am one of them. High waisted things all the way, it's kinda hard to get away with it in summer.

Creepers in my experience are kinda like marmite. You either love 'em or you hate 'em. I hate Marmite but I do love Creepers. I like to think that I would be best friends with Robert Smith back in the day and dance around to Love Cats when it was at it's peak. I still do now really minus Rob, shame. A few of my friends hate hate hate them and refer to them as my ''orthopaedic'' shoe. Cool, I want some with studs and mebs some leopard print, if you were an Emo back in '05 you'll never get over your love for studded things, you'll always be drawn to them. 

Blog post wouldn't be complete without a token picture of my boy. If only I was half as pretty.

Topshop Daisy Leigh Jeans £40//Topshop Cropped Plunge Cami £15//Topshop Animal Print cigarette Jacket £1.38 eBay

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