Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Birthday Shopping Haul

Yey I doing it! I'm blogging mid-week well done to me  ^_^ After work I usually go for a run but today turned so grim after such a positive morning I thought Spring might of actually sprung. No such luck. No run meant time for house chores [woooo] a really hot bath to wash away office stresses and cook tea and prepare dinner for work tomorrow. I got it all done so quickly I thought I would take pictures and blog about my new purchases from yesterday. Please excuse some grainy Iphone pictures mixed in with my Nikon. Enjoy the grain. 

As I was unable to celebrate my birthday on Saturday properly, James took me to Leeds Monday to see the new Ghibli ''The Tale Of Princess Kaguya'', get some sushi and do some shopping. If you were to ever ask my mum what my favourite thing to do , it would be to shop closely followed by sleeping. . . . reading . . . . eating [ I have interesting hobbies] As I moved out when I was 19 I have found it hard to be able to just go out and blow a load of money when I was barely scrimping by. Moving out is expensive and I just guess you get a new set of priorities. Wanna blow a load of cash? Cool Super noodles for tea it is for the rest of the month, maybe with cheese if you have enough left over ;) 

I love shopping in Leeds, especially now the new Trinity centre has been opened there. If you are a massive Primark fan like me, you need to visit the one that has opened there its HUGE and full of well priced goodness, if James would of let me I could spend hours just looking at the bargains. I had to take shoes back that I bought for a wedding and never wore and came out with a bag full. Shoes, house items presents for my best pal [who's travelling at the moment] tops, humorous tights and a mega cute paisley toiletry bag [sucker for paisley].

I also visited my most favourite store Ark, I had a few more things to exchange and walked away with this super snug lime and violet pull over, super cute colours for spring. A ribbed short sleeved dress [I love me my Ribs LOLOL ;)] and James bought me a heart and bows button up no sleeved smock dress, perfect for the good old tshirt/dress combo I will be living in. I love the new hot pink bags they seem to be issuing, SUCH a consumer. 

Oh look even more ribbed items! I'm also slowing staring up a chunky shoe/sandal collection and Primark is the best place to find them at awesome prices!

If you got to the end of this post well done you I'm fully aware I have rambled and their is only so many ways you can talk about the things you've bought making them sound exciting. 
Lastly no sopping trip I feel is complete with out a little lush indulgence, look at this glitter master totes gonna be cracking out this clue for the tri-wiard tournament in my next bath. Glitter for dazee.

Primark Paisley toiletries bag £4// Primark Chunky sandals £12// Primark lace pumps £7// Primark ribbed crop £5// Ark Lime and Violet knit £18// Ark Mosaic Smock Dress £25// Ark Ribbed Dress £16 [Black Unavailable]


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Crushed Velvet

The hardest thing about starting a blog post is the naming of the post. I literally stare at my Mac screen for a good 20 mins, Asking Jim and wracking my brain for a suitable title and end up with something average at best. I'm not really down for using song lyrics/titles either, I saw a really funny meme on Tumblr that said ''why do girls put song lyrics in their captions? Aint nothing deep and meaningful about your duck face pout''. My 15 year old Emo self was probably guilty of that a few times but I've seen too many selfies with scantily clad girls using Fall Out Boy/The 1975 lyrics as their captions. That aside, I did it again and I left it a whole week until I got round to posting, whooops. It's a good job I have 0 following ;)

Yesterday it was my 25th birthday and I was meant to be going out with friends to York, going for cocktails and having food at Cosmos but my body had other ideas. On the eve of my birthday I got sick with an occurring stomach problem I have and spent the day drifting in and out sleep trying to sleep it off and willing I would be better for the evening with no such luck. Happy Birthday to me. . . .
This is the outfit I was planning to wear, minus the hat I also feel kinda pretentious whilst in it but James said he liked it ^_^

About 90% of my wardrobe is Ark, you can't beat their sales [or their full priced stuff for that matter] I always end up ordering a bunch of stuff and get quite a bit for my money. I got this green velvet dress in one of their on going sales just after Christmas for £10. When I went to buy it, envisioned wearing in bare legged with chunky cut out boots and then I remembered I live in England and I won't see any sun until about August time [that's if it does decide to show its face] so no bare legs for me. Instead I opted for my trusty docs [yes I wear them with EVERYTHING] and layered up with a white ribbed crop from Topshop. I feel really 90's when I do the whole Tshirt under strappy clothes combo and I like. If it's good enough for me when I was 10 it's good enough for me when I'm 25.

I still can't get the whole outfit pose down, so most shots are just me mid sentence to James or smiling like a deranged woman. James true to form showed me how its done. Note the brooding/the suns in my eyes stare ;)

Can Anyone say ''Blue Steel'' *hair flip*

Velvet Dress £10 Ark Now sold out// Hat H&M £7.99 [2 years ago] Sold out// White Ribbed Crop Topshop £8


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Grunge Sundays

It's been almost a week since my last blog post [whoops my bad] but i've had quite a busy week with work and just general pottering around the house and running my home. I had also ordered a tonne of stuff and I was waiting for it all to arrive so I could do a ''what I ordered this week'' kinda thing. But honestly I don't have the heart to change into loads of different outfits for the sake of a blog post that no one reads, well apart from my mum all the way in NZ I may add [hi Liz].

Now one of the many places I ordered from was Topshop[I know i'm a regular Topshop basher, it's their prices man £68 for a jumper? come onnnn]. I was originally looking for PJ's [The little mermaid ones they have at the minuet are sweeet] but stumbled across this lovely charcoal number. Now at the moment I am a sucker for anything ribbed. Dresses, crops Long sleeves, you name it I love it especially washed out blacks and charcoal colours.

I look like i'm staring myself out ''Like pal what you so happy about it's Sunday and you have work tomorrow.'' Cheers for the reminder left Jess. . . 
ANYWAY This long sleeved beauty will cost you a pretty penny £28 to be exact. You know honestly it is decent quality and quite thick so I guess worth the money also quite versatile you could wear it with tights leggings jeans etc. I obviously opted for fox face tights from Primark and my Docs.

I always feel really silly posing for outfit pictures I'm also a 25 year old emo that's  forever pigeon footed. So I got my photographer/lovely boyfriend to show me how it's done and would you look how well he pulls off his Star wars Jim Jams? Hands off ladiezz and ladz ;)


Monday, 2 March 2015

Is it summer yet?

Please don't mind my incredibly ammeter photos and bad posture ha. It's hard being a giant and trying to take self timer picture's of what you're wearing. I mean how on earth are you meant to know how to hold yourself? I guess it will come with practice but for the mean time please enjoy how awkward I am.
I wanted to take the pictures outside but 1) my garden ain't the tidiest [or prettiest for that matter] 2) Yesterday was so so grim weather wise, I can't wait for the bright colours of summer and 3) I was a little rough from a day sesh in York the day before and not feeling standing out in the cold. [Jess pal where's your dedication?] So for now my room will do.

I've been eyeing up this lovely elephant dress since Ark posted it on their IG, and I fell in love with it instantly! I've been counting down until payday so I could buy it budgeting carefully into March's pay allowance. £23.99, which I thought was reasonable not exactly in keeping to the £6 steals I find on the internet but still I allowed myself a splurge, it is my birthday after all this month ;). I did however find myself a 10% discount code AND free delivery using  ''10DELIVERY'' try it for yourselves guys.   I now wish I was going away to Thailand or some tropical holiday so I could frolic around on beaches and so on. . . . Jokes I don't frolic, i'm as graceful bow-legged new born baby giraffe.

Now the back of the dress is probably my favourite part, I would feel comfortable wearing this on a bright sunny day, or dressing it up for the night. The lace is just lovely and pretty much sold the dress to me. I can't wait for summer please please hurry up. I hate walking to work all bundled up prepared for dreaded blizzards. No joke you should of seen it today, I thought my work was going to take off. I already know i'll be living in this the 2.5 weeks of hot weather we get. Cheers British summer. 

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